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Block of the Month

Get inspired by these Block of the Month ideas.

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Block of the Month
  • Butterfly Cushion Applique Kit with Valerie Nesbitt

    Valerie shows the contents of this kit designed by Nicola Whayman around a butterfly pattern from Kjersti Smith. The kit comes with strips of fabric, colour graded to resemble earth and sky. The butterflies are applied onto this.

    She gives suggestions on the simple sewing and initial quilting,...

  • Navajo Blanket Quilt - Seminole Band with Anne Baxter

    Anne talks you through how to create this band quickly and accurately through strip piecing. This is so much easier than cutting lots of small squares!

    Then you need to cut the different strip sets into segments to create 6 units.

    Also, Anne reminds that you need to keep the band symetrical...

  • Navajo Blanket Quilt - Zig Zag Band with Anne Baxter

    You can use your favourite method to create these units. Just make sure they are the right size - 2" finished units are needed so the 2" Thangles that Valerie loves would work too. Also, Anne shows technique how use a large rectangle of each fabric, onto which you draw a grid. This in turn allows...

  • Navajo Blanket Quilt - Quarter Square Triangle Units with Anne Baxter

    This quarter square triangle technique is quick and easy to do on the sewing machine. It does require you to sew an accurate 1/4" seam though.

    Anne has teamed the units up with some plain squares, and then added a fudge factor, don't we just love that!
    Click here for Workshop Notes

  • Navajo Blanket Quilt - Chevron Bands with Anne Baxter

    To made these bands you need to use strips of each of the coloured fabrics, which are then strip pieced. Cut on the 45 degree angle with mirror images.

    Anne helps you with the 45 degree angle. In addition, she has a great tip about remembering to check that angle every few cuts, just to keep i...

  • Navajo Blanket Quilt - Centre Medallion with Anne Baxter

    The construction of this stunning block called Thunder and Lightening, is similar to that of delectable mountains - which is also a favourite with Anne and Valerie.

    Although, construction is straightforward, but Anne reminds you to keep an eye on the pieces and to be systematic.

    Once you ha...

  • Intro To Rosebud Fayre - Block of the Month

    Jennie & Valerie guide you through making this lovely quilt in instalments. Subsequently it is a perfect project for beginners, but there will also be some challenges for those more accomplished sewers.

    The Rosebud Fayre Medallion quilt was originally made with the Rosebud Fayre fabrics design...

  • Block 5 of Rosebud Fayre

    Block 5 of Rosebud Fayre Medallion Quilt

    In this section Valerie demonstrates how to make the Flying Geese blocks used for the border. There are tips on how to place fabrics around the medallion to make a square quilt. As well as suggestions on leaving the side borders off to make a rectangula...

  • Block 4 of Rosebud Fayre

    Block 4 of Rosebud Fayre Medallion Quilt

    The easy stars are really simple, and work on their own too. Then Jennie has set you a bit of a challenge - which is a stunner. Check the workshop notes, which are plenty.

    Valerie and Jennie talk you through adding these pieces to the medallion centr...

  • Block 3 of Rosebud Fayre

    Block 3 of Rosebud Fayre Medallion Quilt

    Log Cabin is a very simple and versatile block, fast and easy to make. Valerie and Jennie chose to make the block more pink than sludgy green.  Therefore call the pink dark and the green light, but you can do it the other way round. They use up all the ...

  • Pineapple Corners for the Superstar with Jennie Rayment

    A variation on a traditional block
    This is an interesting variation from Jennie on this traditional block;   if you aren’t making the quilt you could still make 4 of these blocks and then piece them together to make the whole pineapple.
    Made with simple strips of fabric and with Jennie’s clever i...

  • Delectable Mountains Border for the Superstar with Jennie Rayment

    Delectable Mountains in a traditional piece of patchwork that has come of age with the help of the rotary cutter, simple half-square triangle units which are then sub-cut to form your mountains.
    Jennie takes you through making the mountains, some alternative design options, and how to make your m...

  • Trumpet Border for the Superstar with Jennie Rayment

    An alternative to the triangle border this adds dimension and texture to your quilt. You have basic flying geese units coupled with trumpet inserts, which again could be stuffed!
    As the flying geese units are also 3D you have the opportunity to roll the edges, which roll easily as they are on the...

  • Triangle Border for the Superstar with Jennie Rayment

    Making the quilt fit the border
    As with other borders on this Medallion quilt Jennie makes the quilt fit the border, rather than the other way round, which is a very useful tip when designing your own work.
    Flying geese
    Jennie makes the flying geese units using some special rulers but for alterna...

  • Square Seminole Border for the Superstar with Jennie Rayment

    Simple but effective
    This square border works well for other things too. Jennie shows how she made a spec case and decorated the top of a Christmas Stocking and Valerie shows off her Seminole Jacket.
    You could also think about using this simple border in the Ipad case that Jennie used, click here...

  • Chevron Seminole Border for the Superstar with Jennie Rayment

    Easier than it looks
    This traditional chevron seminole is easier than it looks. It is useful as a border not just for quilts. For example, we used it in the Ipad cover, click here to enjoy that workshop.
    This is one of two options possible to go around your Blazing Star medallion centre. The othe...

  • Superstar - Blazing Star Centre with Jennie Rayment

    Jennie shows Valerie how to create the Blazing Star (Lone Star) which will form the centre medallion of this quilt and is part 1 of the series.
    Modern patchwork using the rotary cutter in conjunction with your sewing machine creates this with a straightforward strip-piecing method and clever use ...

  • Ohio Star - Block 6 of Your First Sampler Quilt

    Why the grain of the fabric is important
    In this block we are introduced to the quarter-square triangle – which means paying attention to the grain of the fabric and making sure that we have sufficient seam allowance for that additional middle seam when we sew all four triangles together. We need...

  • Log Cabin - Block 9 of Your First Sampler Quilt

    Simple to make from four smaller blocks. The colour change of two and two is optional, but adds more interest as this will be the centre of your quilt.
    Valerie shows how to strip piece two of these blocks at the same time, which speeds up the process.
    Log cabin – a great classic that makes into a...

  • Pinwheels - Block 8 of Your First Sampler Quilt

    A very useful unit
    The pinwheel is a very useful little unit which can be used in all sorts of quilts and in all different sizes, which are easy to calculate since you use 4 of them.
    You do need to pay attention to the way the wheels spin – they should all spin in the same direction, but you coul...

  • Superstar - a Medallion Quilt from Jennie Rayment

    Jennie Rayment designed
    Designed by Jennie Rayment with a few alternatives this stunning Medallion quilt starts off with a Medallion Centre of Lone Star (Blazing Star to some) and continues with borders of seminole patchwork, half and quarter square triangles, twiddling trumpets, Delectable Mount...

  • Prairie Queen and Jacobs Ladder - Block 5 of Your First Sampler Quilt

    Rearrange the Design
    Similar units for both these blocks but by rearranging them within the 9-patch you get a completely different look.
    Precision Patchwork skills
    We continue to build on the skills you have already learned. There are half-square triangle units that you sew and then trim back to ...

  • Shoo Fly and Monkey Wrench - Block 4 of Your First Sampler Quilt

    Precision Patchwork skills
    We continue to build on your patchwork skills with the Shoo Fly and Monkey Wrench blocks.
    In this workshop, you’ll get a refresher course in making the Half-square triangle units for the corners using the rotary cutter, sewing machine, and your square-up ruler. You’ll a...

  • Card Trick - Block 7 of Your First Sampler Quilt

    Be Clever with Colour
    Simple use of colour creates the lovely 3D effect of the cards.
    More Rotary Cutting - No Templates
    Moreover, this is a very traditional block that used to be made with templates. However, I have redesigned the block, so that it can be cut easily with the rotary cutter, us...