Classes with Angela Daymond

Classes with Angela Daymond

Angela Daymond is a textile artist, quilter and teacher who just loves to stitch.

Angela was taught to sew by her mum and worked tirelessly on her children’s Holly Hobby sewing machine growing up. Today, she is rarely found without a needle in her hand and enjoys being driven to places so she can sit back and stitch.

As a qualified teacher, Angela loves to share her passion by teaching anyone from beginner to advanced. Her specialisms are hand stitching (particularly kantha stitching), and natural dyeing. Two very traditional techniques that are increasingly popular with today’s stitchers.

She notes that the simplicity of kantha work is one of the reasons that she is so fond of this technique – – “where you can take needle, thread and fabric and with just one stitch, the running stitch, create abstract and representational images with lots of texture.”

Her first foray into natural dyeing came over 40 years ago when she deliberately squashed elderberries onto the bottom of a white dress. Now, Angela uses many plants native to the UK for her dyeing and specialises in using woad, the oldest blue plant dye in Northern Europe. She says it’s a real thrill to use a plant that was grown so far back in time and when she is dyeing with woad she is a part of history, walking with Robin Hood in his Lincoln Green or with Boudicca and her warriors .

Angela has published three kantha books and a DVD on natural dyeing. She also has put out a range of hand sewing Kantha kits which are suitable for all levels. Stitching happiness and relaxation in a box!

Signature Technique:

Kantha running stitch and natural dyeing.

Top Tips:

- The consistency of your stitch is more important than the size.
- Enjoy the unpredictability and uniqueness of natural dyeing.
- HB pencil can be used to transfer a pattern and then washed out easily.

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Classes with Angela Daymond
  • Meet Angela Daymond - Textile Dyer

    Using dyes from plants, flower and vegetables
    Discover a whole new use for the plants and flowers from your garden and even the vegetables from your kitchen. Angela shows you some of the results from everyday items. For example, daffodils, tulips, onion skips and rosehips, that give her fabrics t...

  • Eco Dyeing with Angela Daymond

    Simple dyeing in jars
    Angela loves to use items from the garden, the hedgerows and her kitchen to create her lovely hand-dyed fabrics. Madder root, which is used to create a turkey red colour, is her particular favourite.
    You will see how easy it is to get the fabric to mellow in simple kilner ja...

  • Paper Bird with Angela Daymond

    Not only does Angela guide you through this delightful papercraft, but you get a short monoprinting workshop too, which creates the background fabric.
    Angela loves to use up and recycle not only her magazines but would consider creating this with recycled textiles too.
    She guides you through the ...

  • Steaming Tulip Petals with Angela Daymond

    Make your fabric truly individual
    Angela takes us through how easy it is to create a wonderful, individual piece of fabric, in your own kitchen from something as simple as a pile of dried tulip leaves.
    About Angela Daymond
    You can find out more about Angela by watching the interview with her on o...

  • Immersion Dyeing with Angela Daymond

    In her dyeing workshop, Angela uses Brazilwood to give the fabric a ‘pink’ color. She uses string to give this lovely shibori effect. If you are old enough to be a ‘flower child’ , we would call it tie-dyeing! As a bonus, don’t forget that the string will also pick up some dye color so you can us...

  • Spicy Shibori Dyeing with Angela Daymond

    Angela shows us a range of ways to create dyed fabric with that tied look. She does this with the help of some simple spices from your kitchen cupboard. In this particular workshop Angela has used Turmeric and Paprika, plus some pegs and rubber bands; there is advice on how to wrap the fabric and...

  • Big Stitch Quilting with Angela Daymond

    Angela loves her hand quilting and she makes it quick and easy with these big stitches. She guides you through the thread options, needle options, guidance on quilting patterns that you can use and/or be inspired by; shows you how to put the quilt correctly into a hoop and also how to handle the ...

  • Christmas Kantha Decoration from Angela Daymond

    This little bird decoration in traditional Kantha stitch finishes at approx 3.5″. As you can see Angela has finished by putting it into a little decorative hoop, which displays it beautifully. How great would several of these look hung from your tree and branches.
    As a bonus for subscribers, Ange...

  • Monoprinting with Angela Daymond

    This little workshop has been extracted from a longer piece that Angela did for us creating a textile bird picture from newsprint and magazines. However, we thought this piece stands on it’s own and you can see how easy it is to create a unique piece of fabric on your table top, utilising items t...

  • Kantha Stitching with Angela Daymond

    Angela talks you through how to create this project. She likes to use woad dyed fabric, which she creates herself.

    In the workshop she talks about the styles of stitching, the regional differences, what threads she prefers, together with the relevant needles.

    Traditionally this work had no ...

  • West Country Quilt Show 2018

    We are going to start with wandering round the West Country Quilt Show, which we did a back in the autumn of 2018. And as well as nosing around lots of other interesting stands and displays and looking  at some of the remarkable competition quilts, we meet super-talented textile artists Fran Holm...

  • How to Use Inktense Pencils with Angela Daymond

    Angela uses these inktense pencils to create wonderful landscapes for her kantha stitching. In addition, she suggests to colour in your pre-quilted designs - even a feather wreath.

    Anyway, back to the pencils - with the addition of water or aloe vera gel, the inks in these become really vibran...

  • Dyeing with a Slow Cooker with Angela Daymond

    Angela selects four different products to use to create the colour in her fabrics, which are both cotton and silk;  she uses onion skins for a soft beige colour;  walnut husks for brown;  wood chippings for purple and madder root for red/pink.
    Sometimes you need to pre-treat the fabric with a mod...

  • More Going Crazy with Angela Daymond and Paula Doyle

    Angela and Paula continue to share with us their varied approach to producing this classic favourite.  Both enjoy using different threads and stitches. Angela explains (and shows) how the different thicknesses of thread make a difference. You can use  some of these on the sewing machine, others m...

  • Going Crazy with Angela Daymond and Paula Doyle

    Crazy patchwork continues to appeal. Angela and Paula show that you can take different approaches to achieve a similar end result.

    By sewing the pieces onto the foundation fabric by hand, with a simple running stitch, it remains very portable;  Angela suggests using up old tray cloths or lace ...

  • West Country Quilt and Textile Show Interview with Angela Daymond

    This interview took place on our stand at the West Country Quilt & Textile Show in Nov 2016. Angela shares Fay and us her love of dyeing  with natural products. For example, things she can find in her garden, the hedgerows and even in her kitchen cupboard!
    Also she loves to sew particularly using...