Classes with Angela Madden

Classes with Angela Madden

Angela Madden is an internationally recognised quilter, teacher and author.

After working for many years as an Occupational Therapist, Angela gained a degree in adult education and changed direction to pursue her interest in patchwork and quilting.

Angela has won awards for her quilts at all the major U.K. quilt shows. Awarded 1st place for Innovative Appliqué in Houston Texas and the Kairin Pisereva silver cup for pictorial appliqué at the U.K. National Patchwork Championship. And her quilts have been exhibited in European Quilt Expo in Barcelona, in Budapest and in the International Celtic Exhibit in Reno, Nevada and Redding, California.

Angela has published 9 needlework books and developed 3 design drafting tools, a Celtic pattern, e book and 6 DVDs. More books and DVDs are planned. The subject matter of her books varies from Celtic design, through geometric, floral and perspective patchwork to photo realistic appliqué and innovative techniques using furnishing fabric. Angela’s books are well known for their clear, comprehensive, simple instructions. All her techniques are machine sewn.

Angela loves learning and teaching new techniques. Her most recent technique involves cutting out your own shapes to make your own patterns and fusing them onto your quilts.

Signature Technique:

Celtic, kaleidoscopes, photo realistic applique, furnishing fabric, cut paper designs

Top Tips:

- Cutting from paper frees you up to make original quilt patterns
- Why have a quilt with a wrong side when you can have two right sides
- There are no ‘brownie points’ in Heaven for doing things the hard way!

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Classes with Angela Madden
  • How to Sew Your Feather Wreath Design from Angela Madden

    This traditional feather wreath design is often machine sewn with double stitching, but in this helpful tip Angela shares with you her personal sewing sequence, which results in only a single line of stitching.
    She also shares with us a great tip on how to start and stop the stitching with a meth...

  • Surprising Silhouettes from Angela Madden

    Angela takes the art of paper cutting to a new level, and we all remember how simple and easy that was. This simple style of designing suits all ages. Even those of us who do not consider ourselves artistic, can create stunning and unique designs.

    Angela talks us through some of the ideas and ...

  • Your Choice Patterns from Angela Madden

    Angela shows us how every pattern has two choices, and then endless design options. She also talks through some fabric choices that you can get the best out of your project.
    There are currrently five patterns, which you can find in our website:

    Owl & Dove
    Hedgehog & Rabbit
    Two Butterflies

  • Meet Angela Madden - Author and patchworker

    Angela is the author of several books, and she tells us that she likes to base her books on a technique, and this one is used cut out shapes, so really easy to create your own designs.
    The patterns are created to be fused into place, have a cut look about them, but even though they are fused your...

  • Feather Tool from Angela Madden

    Angela has designed this ‘workshop in a bag’ template. It means you can produce wonderful feather quilting designs onto your projects easily. This one tool will give you a wide variety of designs. Here, Angela shows how versatile this design tool can be from hearts, to squares and rectangles and ...

  • Interview with Angela Madden

    Profile on Angela Madden
    Prolific author: 9 needlework books and developed three design drafting tools, a Celtic pattern CD, and recently a Celtic Masterclass DVD.
    Great Quilter: Since 1991, she has won awards for her quilts at the major U.K and several USA quilt shows. Angela won 1st place for I...

  • Curved Slice Patchwork Workshop with Angela Madden

    This is ingenious. Creating this is an excellent gadget for those who don’t do maths. It will produce genuinely stunning quilts.
    Not only does the ruler give you the various sections of the circle, but it will also create the circle’s size!
    Angela guides us through her workshop with a wide variet...

  • A Multi-Plait Workshop with Angela Madden

    What is a ‘Multi-Plait tool’?
    The ‘Multi-Plait tool’ is Angela’s unique plastic template which creates many varied types of designs and comes complete with easy instructions. So it is really a ‘workshop in a bag.’
    You can use the tool to draft different kinds of twisted or plaited (braided) desig...

  • Behind the Scenes at Fashion Sans Frontieres

    We went behind the scenes at the Fashion Sans Frontieres show to catch up with some of the artists.
    Helen Deighan
    Helen guided us through her day wear complete with matching stockings! She also showed us her lovely black and white outfit with matching coil pot and her coil rainbow dress complete ...

  • Fashion Sans Frontieres at Festival of Quilts

    This alternative fashion show took place on the evening of the International Dinner at the Festival of Quilts in August 2010. Seven Russian quilters and textile artists challenged five UK textile artists plus two students from the world of fashion to produce a variety of items. The categories wer...