Classes with Anne Baxter

Classes with Anne Baxter

Anne has sewn all of her life, prolifically for the last 25 years. She works across a wide range of patchwork and appliqué techniques and designs – – from the Navajo blanket quilt that includes simple and advance techniques to simple cushion designs..Quilts are her first love, but inevitably they take time to complete, whereas Anne finds that a cushion is a much quicker project to tackle. According to Anne, “There’s always room for another cushion. They are a manageable size and a marvellous vehicle to experiment with. The satisfaction that comes with having made something never fails to thrill me.” As of 2015, Anne reduced her teaching commitments. The good news is that we have a vast library of videos with Anne and she is still filming new workshops with

Signature Technique:

Experimenting with different techniques, designs and finishing styles on cushions.

Anne’s Top Tips:

- If you’ve never made a thing in your life, a simple cushion is a great place to start. Even an accomplished stitcher can always try a new technique like a bound edge…so much easier than piping!
- Finishing techniques, e.g. Oxford Flap, are easy to do and give your cushion a very professional look.
- There’s always another idea to try just around the corner. Enjoy experimenting with new ideas.
- You can’t beat a handmade gift and a cushion fits the bill perfectly.

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Classes with Anne Baxter
  • Meet Anne Baxter - Quilter and Tutor

    Anne lives in rural Devon, in a thatched cottage which she shares with her husband and two dogs. Her patchwork decorates the house throughout and you can’t help but be inspired surrounded by her work and all those old beams.
    In this interview we get to see quilts and cushions that she has made an...

  • Navajo Blanket Quilt - Seminole Band with Anne Baxter

    Anne talks you through how to create this band quickly and accurately through strip piecing. This is so much easier than cutting lots of small squares!

    Then you need to cut the different strip sets into segments to create 6 units.

    Also, Anne reminds that you need to keep the band symetrical...

  • Tip from Anne Baxter about Your Sewing Stitches

    This simple idea from Anne will save you lots of heartache, particularly if you have spent a considerable time getting the stitch setting right, and most of us have machines that don’t remember once the power has been turned off.
    This has been extracted from a much longer workshop with Anne where...

  • Dala Horses Quilt with Anne Baxter

    Simple fused applique, which you could fussy cut, create the lovely Dala horses. Anne uses the simple half square triangle unit to create both the windmill blocks and the pieced zig-zag border in this delightful 9 block quilt. There is clever use of some fabric to create the sashing.

    Anne talk...

  • Navajo Blanket Quilt - Final Part with Anne Baxter

    Anne takes you through this final stage where all those borders and bands come together. But you don't have to be a slave to her design.  Depending on your own use of colour, this is an opportunity to even out the colours in your quilt.

    She suggests you think about the dividing bands and shows...

  • Navajo Blanket Quilt - Castle Wall Border with Anne Baxter

    You are on the final band of this lovely blanket quilt and again you only need to create one.

    Anne guides you through the sewing sequence. She reminds us to be careful about the direction of your sewing when strip piecing and talks us through the seam pressing, so that you get a good flat resu...

  • Navajo Blanket Quilt - Zig Zag Band with Anne Baxter

    You can use your favourite method to create these units. Just make sure they are the right size - 2" finished units are needed so the 2" Thangles that Valerie loves would work too. Also, Anne shows technique how use a large rectangle of each fabric, onto which you draw a grid. This in turn allows...

  • Navajo Blanket Quilt - Quarter Square Triangle Units with Anne Baxter

    This quarter square triangle technique is quick and easy to do on the sewing machine. It does require you to sew an accurate 1/4" seam though.

    Anne has teamed the units up with some plain squares, and then added a fudge factor, don't we just love that!
    Click here for Workshop Notes

  • Navajo Blanket Quilt - Chevron Bands with Anne Baxter

    To made these bands you need to use strips of each of the coloured fabrics, which are then strip pieced. Cut on the 45 degree angle with mirror images.

    Anne helps you with the 45 degree angle. In addition, she has a great tip about remembering to check that angle every few cuts, just to keep i...

  • Navajo Blanket Quilt - Centre Medallion with Anne Baxter

    The construction of this stunning block called Thunder and Lightening, is similar to that of delectable mountains - which is also a favourite with Anne and Valerie.

    Although, construction is straightforward, but Anne reminds you to keep an eye on the pieces and to be systematic.

    Once you ha...

  • Zig Zag Table Runner with Anne Baxter

    Instead of triangles to  create this zig-zag pattern, Anne has, with clever colour manipulation, created it from rectangular blocks, and simple strip piecing.
    She has used 6 Fat 1/4’s as her starting point, and indeed the workshop notes support that. BUT if you are an accomplished patchworker, wi...

  • Turtle Dove Tree Project with Anne Baxter

    Anne has made this into both using silk scraps for the wall hangings. They won’t take much wear and tear; but suggests cotton fabrics for the cushion, as it needs to be a little bit hardier.
    Anne talks you through the stitches she has used. The stitches vary depending on the project. But in all c...

  • Promo Film for Navajo Blanket Quilt designed by Anne Baxter

    Anne talks through the various elements/stages/sections of this delightful quilt. The plan is for the various sections to be uploaded onto the site in segments. Like this, you can create your own version of this quilt. And learn some interesting techniques along the way.
    You could think of this i...

  • Hopscotch with Anne Baxter

    Anne shows us a couple of quilts she has made with this lovely design. One has a real country feel and the other uses shirting fabrics, for which she spent some considerable time cutting the pieces separately and then added sashing, so a couple of really great alternatives.
    Anne guides you throug...

  • String Stars with Anne Baxter

    This is a great scrap project where anything goes in terms of size and colour. You might want to pre-think a colour palette though in the same way that Anne did. You are asked to use templates, but these are really easy to make yourself. The sewing is dead easy too as the strings and strips are s...

  • Spring Hare Cushion with Anne Baxter

    This is a very comprehensive workshop from Anne where she takes you through her fabric selections and choices to make this modern rectangular cushion – which would look lovely in any home.
    She also talks you through the method of fused applique that she like to use – but reminds you that only wit...

  • Glad Tidings Quilt from Anne Baxter

    Based on the traditional Monkey Wrench pattern Anne has given this a new twist by changing the dimensions.
    A great quilt to make from a variety of fabrics, so you could choose your own set, or you could consider making this in one of the new woollen fabrics that are becoming very popular.
    The add...

  • Red Baubles Cushion with Anne Baxter

    Anne talks you through how to make this delightful cushion, which is a slightly unusual rectangular shape.
    The baubles are applied with fused, raw edge applique and she talks through how to mark your design onto the cushion front, the types of options that she likes to use and are available and w...

  • How to Make a Cushion with an Oxford Flap with Anne Baxter

    In this workshop Anne shows us one of her favourite finishing techniques when she makes cushions – the Oxford Flap. You will see that it is really easy to do once you get the idea.
    Anne likes the idea of making all four borders the same length, to give interest and a twist to the design, and this...

  • Magic 4-Patch with Anne Baxter

    This is another of those exciting bits of patchwork, where you sew things together, cut them apart and then sew them together again, not really knowing just how great they will look!
    You can use 5″ square or 10″ squares and you can make just one cushion or a whole quilt (if you want to cut up Fat...

  • Faded Flag Cushion with Anne Baxter

    Patriotic Patchwork
    As a subscriber, you are able to download the pattern for free by clicking on the workshop notes.

    A kit for Anne’s Faded Flag Cushion in red, white and blue Liberty florals and the pattern can both be purchased on our website.

    If you want to see what others have already...

  • Naïve Appliqué with Anne Baxter

    Turned Appliqué Patchwork with No Raw Edges
    This is such a great idea for appliquée but only works with really simple, naïve shapes.  It does away with all those raw edges which leaves you free to use simple running stitch and focus threads.

    It is suggested that you use a product such as Stay...

  • Rudolph Appliqué Wall-Hanging with Anne Baxter

    This is a delightful little wall-hanging. It is simply made with fused appliqué.  Anne then suggests machine zig-zag for the stitching.  If you would like to do this as a hand project, then blanket stitch would work just as well.

    Anne also suggests some simple, large embroidery stitches for th...