Classes with Daphne Morris

Classes with Daphne Morris

Daphne's passion for knitting had her teaching her own classmates whilst at school, many of whom knit to this day.  At university Daphne helped several friends quit smoking by keeping their hands busy with knitting needles; there is always a good reason to knit in Daphne’s book. A career as a teacher of French, English and Spanish followed during which Daphne taught many of her students to knit also.  “If you can follow a knitting pattern in another language you can make amazing progress in learning that language” is a favourite motto. Daphne particularly loves adding cables in her knitting for the texture and interest they bring.

Click here for watch an interview with Daphne and Valerie where Daphne talks Daphne shows Valerie a few of her favourite works over the last 60 years. Every piece has a tale to tell. 

Signature Technique:

Adding cables to create texture

Top Tips:

- Use cables to add texture and interest.
- French Knots are a great way to create black berries in your knitted piece.
- Add lining to help keep your knitted garment’s shape.

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Classes with Daphne Morris
  • Knitted Family Throw Make Yarn Tassels with Daphne Morris

    Now that the Family Throw is completed it is time to make the tassels. Daphne demonstrates a simple tassel using 6 strands of wool. The perfect finishing touch.

    Spaced evenly across the finished edge This simple tassel consists of a basic loop with strands of wool threaded through to form a kn...

  • Knitted Family Throw Assembly with Daphne Morris

    Daphne Morris completes with the assembly of her beautiful reversible throw. The penultimate part of this wonderful series with only the tassels left to go.

    She demonstrates the layout of the blocks for assembly, the importance of pinning and blocking before sewing together.

    All the tips an...

  • Knitted Heart Block with Daphne Morris

    Block 5 of the sampler series. Daphne Morris continues with her completely reversible throw.

    The heart is at the centre of everything so this simple knitted block will set off the whole throw. Daphne shows us how the block is constructed. She uses stocking stitch, garter stitch and the cast of...

  • Knitted Cable Block with Daphne Morris

    Block 3 of the sampler series. Daphne Morris continues with her completely reversible throw. Demonstrating the 2 cable blocks required for the throw.

    She reminds us of the importance of starting and finishing the block with 2 rows of garter stitch and casting off in rib.

    All blocks are 60 s...

  • Knitted Diamond Block with Daphne Morris

    Block 2 of the sampler series. Daphne Morris continues with her completely reversible throw. Demonstrating how a simple diamond pattern can be formed by moving knit and purl stitches in this stocking stitched block.

    She explains how using a chunky needle enables the work to grow quickly. Begin...

  • Casting Off In Rib with Daphne Morris

    Daphne Morris demonstrates how to cast off to make a smooth polished effect to your block edging.

    This rib technique produces an edge that sits at the top of the work thus enabling blocks to abut up against each other when sewing up.

    This 6 part series covers how to combine the knit and pur...

  • Knitted Brick Block with Daphne Morris

    Block 1 of the sampler series. Daphne Morris continues with her completely reversible throw.  Demonstrating this simple block using a combination of knit and purl stitches to produce a regular brick pattern.

    She covers a variety of tips and techniques that will give a great start to your knitt...

  • More Tips on Knitting a Beret with Daphne Morris

    Inspired by a beret her goddaughter wears, Daphne has written this simple beret pattern.

    Knitted in a West Yorkshire Spinners illustrious double knit it produces a very light warm beret.  Firstly Daphne shows how when knitting in the round, stitch markers are essential. Secondly she demonstrat...

  • How to Pick Up Dropped Knitting Stitches with Daphne Morris

    Dropped stitches in knitting can be easily picked up with a fine crochet hook. Daphne demonstrates techniques for both knitted and pearled stitches.

    From divided stitches, a single dropped stitch several rows down, to a full ladder this technique provides an invisible solution. Consequently th...

  • How to Block your Knitting with Daphne Morris

    Daphne shares with us those finishing techniques that give a knitted garment a smoother, flatter look.
    She demonstrates how to use pins and a pressing board to:

    stop seams rolling
    increase the size of garment pieces
    flatten seams for easier stitching
    accurately size pieces when altering pattern ...

  • Knitted Cable Stitches with Daphne Morris

    Daphne loves to add cable to the garments she knits. Here we get to see a variety of styles including the very popular two part cable, a three part plait, and the honeycomb trellis. She also shares the idea of adding a cable border to something, such as a hat.

    Daphne shows how to create a simp...

  • How to Knit a Beret with Daphne Morris

    In this very helpful workshop, Daphne shows you how to knit this beret.

    She uses double pointed needles and a circular needle. This means you only need to use the knit stitch throughout.

    The beret can also be made using traditional needles but it means you will also have to purl, and you wi...

  • How to Knit the Mock Cable Stitch with Daphne Morris

    Daphne shows us how easy it is to create the texture of cable. She does this without the need of a traditional cable needle, thus eliminating the need to move some of the stitches.

    You work this mock cable pattern over two stitches on the knit row only.  Row two is simple purl, even across the...