Classes with Jane Czaja

Classes with Jane Czaja

Jane has worked with crochet, knitting and fabric since childhood, with crochet being her special passion. Currently, Jane works as a freelance technical editor for “Inside Crochet” magazine, where she checks patterns to make sure that they work.  She also contributes designs and patterns to the magazine. Jane is a popular tutor, running regular crochet workshops so others can learn and be inspired.  According to Jane, “I teach Crochet at all levels at my workshops and have designed many patterns for them. My latest design is a Stitch Sampler Booklet comprising 36 exciting stitch combos.”

Click here for watch an interview with Jane where we get to see and learn about the variety of projects she is involved with – from her very first piece through to current day projects.

Signature Technique:

Corner-to-Corner crochet and colourful patchwork designs

Jane’s Top Tips:

- Once you’ve mastered double crochet and treble stitches, you can crochet virtually any design!
- Count the number of stitches at the end of each row. It saves a lot of time in the long run.
- If your starting chain is too tight, use a one size larger hook than the pattern states. Then, change back to the correct hook on the foundation row.
- When you use a lot of colours within a pattern, sew the ends in as you go.

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Classes with Jane Czaja
  • Chevron Scarf with Jane Czaja

    As Autumn turns to Winter crochet scarf patterns are a must.

    Jane Czaja shows how to start a scarf with a simple 13 stitch chain. Working a combination of slip stitches, treble stitches and chains into this effective chevron pattern. Using an Aran weight yarn with a 5mm hook this work grows qu...

  • Granny Strip Carousel Blanket with Jane Czaja

    This simple blanket uses a chain and treble stitch in rows to form the granny stitch. There are no corners to turn as it is worked in rows so easy for the beginner.

    Starting with a 2 row foundation and set up with a row of crochet trebles. This method allows the creation of a blanket of any si...

  • Arcade Colour Wheel with Jane Czaja

    Crocheting a simple Arcade Square is the foundation of a beautiful blanket.

    Jane Czaja demonstrates how to create this fantastic pattern using double, half-treble and treble crochet stitches. Indeed combining theses with chains and working into the chain space produces effective shells.


  • Granny Rectangular Blanket with Jane Czaja

    This pattern is a rectangle based on Granny Square pattern. Easy BUT take care with first 3 rounds as that is where the magic happens.

    Jane loves colour but doesn't like to sew in ends so suggests using a variegated yarn.  Choosing 450g of any variegated chunky wool  plus a plain colour for th...

  • Crochet Suzette Cowl Scarf with Jane Czaja

    Jane Czaja demonstrates how to make this beautiful Cowl Scarf using a chunky, variegated yarn.

    Suzette stitch uses a simple chain, with an alternating double and treble stitch across the row. Thus producing a soft flat stitch ideal for a scarf.

    There are tips on being careful when using a v...

  • Granny Crochet Cushion with Jane Czaja

    Jane shows you how to create a lovely cushion using the basic granny square.
    Perfect to rest your head on or fit in the small of your  back.
    Any size of cushion is possible.  It all depends on the size of the cushion pad and the amount of wool.
    In order to make this cushion Jane demonstrates two ...

  • Making Yellow Button Crochet Flowers with Jane Czaja

    Jane Czaja continues her flower series with this tight button flower. Utilising a chain ring to start she demonstrates how to make another beautiful flower.
    The stitches used are chain, treble, half treble and double crochet with simple slip stitches to produce the small subtle petals.
    Why not us...

  • Making a Crochet Leaf with Jane Czaja

    Jane demonstrates how to crochet a simple leaf worked on 2 sides of a basic chain. She describes how the stitches are mirrored to achieve the leaf shape. Treble, half treble, and double crochet produce the classic leaf shape with the stem a simple chain stitch.
    She reminds us how counting back en...

  • Making Pink Daisy Crochet Flowers with Jane Czaja

    Jane again starts her flower with the simple chain and double crochet centre. She subsequently uses a chain stitch to produce a of ring petals.
    She describes how this daisy can be made using different yarn plies and hook sizes, in addition to selecting 2 colours of yarn.
    Why not use these flowers...

  • Making Orange Daisy Crochet Flowers with Jane Czaja

    Jane demonstrates how to crochet a basic six chain and double crochet to form the inner ring. This provides a solid base for crocheting the daisy utilising, treble crochet and slip stitches.
    Cotton yarn provides a stable yarn for the flowers resulting in a beautiful finish. Jane uses an Aran cott...

  • Timeless Super Chunky Crochet Hat and Chunky Pompom with Jane Czaja

    Jane follows on from her crochet mitten project with a hat to match. To crochet, she uses rows of half treble and double crochet, super chunky yarn and a size 8 hook.  She demonstrates how to change stitch mid row and loves to use a stitch marker.  If you need the hat to be smaller Jane suggests ...

  • Riot Denim Crochet Mittens with Jane Czaja

    Jane has made these wrist warmers in King Cole Riot Chunky yarn in the Denim colour. They are worked in double crochet, into the back loop, and half trebles.
    These are crocheted sideways and Jane shows us how to finish a row and start again, remembering to change the stitches for the ribbing – he...

  • Rainbow Scarf with Jane Czaja

    This delightful scarf is made with crochet trebles and the corner to corner technique. This is a favourite of Jane's. Even the change of colour is easy as it all comes from the same ball of FAB dk from Patons. You could of course use up your scraps to create a similar effect, if you have lots.


  • Sugar Plum Crochet Blanket with Jane Czaja

    Jane shows you how to create a lovely blanket. She use King Cole Twirly Tweed Chunky means that all that amazing colour variation is done for you.

    The four row pattern uses the criss cross treble stitch to create the holes. And don't forget that when you crochet across, you need to pick up in ...

  • Making Tassels with Jane Czaja

    Jane has a little pink book. She finds it extremely handy for making two sizes of tassels.

    This has been extracted from a longer workshop with Jane Making a Crochet  Bamboozle scarf. And hence the lovely bobbly texture to her tassels.

    Once you know how easy these are to make, you could add ...

  • Crochet Moss Stitch with Jane Czaja

    Jane demonstrates how to crochet this stitch using Aran yarn and a 5mm hook with 31 stitches. This gives her project a finished size of approximated 36inches.  You could use chunky yarn with a 6mm hook and this would make the project bigger. Alternatively DK with a 4mm hook would make the project...

  • Crochet Crunchy Tablet Cosy with Jane Czaja

    Jane makes this useful tablet cosy in crunchy stitch which is a simple combination of half-treble and slipstitch.

    The cosy is very easy to adjust for size as its made as a single vertical piece, but even when you've completed it if you find it a little snug, then Jane comes up with a very clev...

  • Crochet Edging for a Hexagon Blanket with Jane Czaja

    Once the various hexagon shapes have been sewn together, you need to tackle the outside edge. And in this workshop Jane shows you how to do this.

    She starts with a 2 chain into which she works trebles. And she shows how to pivot both at the point of the hexagon shape and also once you get down...

  • Star Crochet Hexagons : Hexagon Crochet Series Part 3 with Jane Czaja

    This is the third hexagon design that Jane shares and again she uses 5mm hook and aran yarn. You start by making a ring and then you need to make half trebles. The second round is really important and this uses groups of trebles.

    To turn the star into a hexagon, you need to complete a total of...

  • Flower Crochet Hexagons: Hexagon Crochet Series Part 2 with Jane Czaja

    The flower crochet hexagon is Jane's favourite. Here she shares with you how to make the units using a 5 chain starter ring. Into this you need to make clusters of part trebles.

    Jane suggest you might like to think about changing the colour, to make the flower more interesting and Jane takes y...

  • Plain Crochet Hexagons: Hexagons Crochet Series Part 1 with Jane Czaja

    Jane creates this plain hexagon crochet shape with a 5mm hook using aran weight yarn. She says you could also work it in double knitting with a 4mm hook.

    You will see how to start the centre of the hexagon with a ring, which can be a little tricky. Then Jane takes us through the 1st and 2nd ro...

  • Crochet Bracelets with Jane Czaja

    This delightful little bracelet has a shell motive and a button hole. Jane takes you through how to make these.

    You get to practise all three basic crochet stitches: double crochet, half treble and treble in the making of this. Here Jane has used double knit and a 4.5m hook.

    Moreover, if yo...

  • Treble Crochet Stitch with Jane Czaja

    Treble crochet stitch is deeper when finished than double. In this sample workshop Jane uses the same chain length of 10 stitches, so you can really see the difference.

    Also, Jane covers how to start and how to keep the project edges straight. So, not gaining or losing any stitches, and then h...

  • Half Treble Crochet Stitch with Jane Czaja

    This is the third and final basic stitch workshop from Jane. Here again, she starts her workshop sample with the chain of 10 stitches. She demonstrates how to start your first row, how to turn at the end of the row and how to keep the side of the project nice and neat.

    The delightful crochet r...