Classes with Jennie Rayment

Classes with Jennie Rayment

Jennie is a world renown quilt teacher, lecturer, author of nine quilt books and numerous patterns. From Houston to Qatar, Durban to Melbourne, Auckland and many other international cities, Jennie has wowed them all with her superb teaching style and hilarious lectures all laced with wit, charm and professional expertise. Often working in calico, she manipulates and manoeuvres material into magical formations that appear deviously difficult yet are oh sew simple to produce.Her techniques are suitable for all abilities and can be incorporated into quilts, garments, home decor,bags and boxes. In her field, she is unique.

There are a wide range of videos available with Jennie – – from valuable hints and tips to inspiring full-length workshop.  Click here to see one of our favourite workshop series: the Stripy Stripey Story quilt.

Signature Technique:

Unique methods of twiddling and fiddling, manipulating fabric to create tantalising textures – engineering in material!

Jennie’s Top Tips:

- Use of a firmly woven crisp fabric will create the best textural effects, stiffer materials maintain the folds.
- Pressing seams open and flat reduces bulk and makes the finished piece have a more even appearance.
- When free motion quilting, use a plastic horseshoe shaped hoop or embroidery hoop as a ‘steering wheel’ to give you something to grasp

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Classes with Jennie Rayment
  • Jennifer and Jennie Together

    This video clip was used as the taster for non-members. As well as it didn’t want you to miss out on all the plans for the future.

    Click here to learn more about Jennie Rayment.

  • Intro To Rosebud Fayre - Block of the Month

    Jennie & Valerie guide you through making this lovely quilt in instalments. Subsequently it is a perfect project for beginners, but there will also be some challenges for those more accomplished sewers.

    The Rosebud Fayre Medallion quilt was originally made with the Rosebud Fayre fabrics design...

  • Contrarywise Cathedral Windows with Jennie Rayment

    This twist on the traditional Cathedral Windows block encourages us all to experiment with this technique.

    Jennie Rayment describes how altering the cathedral window square can produce an Octagon ideal for making table runners and decorations.

    Starting with a square Jennie shows a turned th...

  • How to Make a Maltese Cross with Jennie Rayment

    This is a delight to make and as Jennie says “you can have an awful lot of fun with it”. The template itself comes in 3 sections and Jennie shows you how to use it.
    It’s a great use for your scrap and not difficult to make; and it makes a great hand sewing project.
    Jennie also gives you ideas on ...

  • 3D Flying Geese Patchwork with Jennie Rayment

    This is a fun, simple flying geese technique that has only one seam to sew and no triangles are involved.  You just need to cut rectangles and squares, then sew together with simple chain piecing and there you are.
    You also get the great 3D effect that can then be twiddled and fiddled and only Je...

  • Broderie Perse, Machine Appliqué and Satin Stitch with Jennie Rayment

    The original form of patchwork is based on placing something over a hole or, in Jennie's case, a stain.

    Once again Jennie makes light work of this technique and shares with us how to set your machine to produce perfect satin stitch.
    More about Jennie Rayment
    This skinnyish, red-haired, sligh...

  • Fastening off Tip from Jennie Rayment

    Idea of this video
    A quick tip that will help you avoid all those loose thread ends.
    More about Jennie Rayment
    This skinnyish, red-haired, slightly wacky Brit really likes ‘Nipping and Tucking’ – fabric manipulation and surface texture. She’s unique in her field. And people from whole world know ...

  • Anchoring Your Work with Jennie Rayment

    Using the Sewing Machine with a fixing stitch
    Jennie does not like to handle a sewing needle. Unless she is putting it into her machine that is. So she has developed a way of anchoring her tucks, twiddles and folds with an anchoring stitch on the machine. And you know she has tried and tested thi...

  • Tumbling Blocks with Jennie Rayment

    In this workshop Jennie teaches us how to make tumbling blocks.
    She starts with cutting 3 strips of fabrics and then walks you through sewing the pieces together with a machine. During this process she is providing several helpful hints and tips along the way. Don’t forget to leave that 1/4″ from...

  • Inset Seam or Y Seam with Jennie Rayment

    The inset seam is usually avoided as often as possible, but sometimes you just need to get on with it. In this video, Jennie guides you through the process.
    You can create hexagons with ease. Or make inset square corners and setting triangles into 8 pointed stars and much more. Just think of the ...

  • Use of the Angles on Your Ruler with Jennie Rayment

    There are usually several lines drawn at different angles on your ordinary rotary cutting ruler. These lines can be used to make cuts at the designated angle. Here 3 strips - 3" wide are layered and then cut at 60° forming diamonds. Three diamonds can be sewn together to make a Tumbling Block or ...

  • Reverse Imaging

    This is such a simple idea, but works every time.

    You can either have fabrics right sides together or wrong sides together.

    Don't feel confined to the braid quilts. This idea works any shape, any size.

    Click here to learn more about Jennie Rayment.

  • Dresden Plate Patchwork with Jennie Rayment

    Easy-peasy Dresden Plate Patchwork
    Choose a range of materials for the plate, small pieces will suffice. In addition, you will need a 31 cm (12½") square.

    Traditional patchwork design with a D edge is very easy to apply. More information can be found in Jennie's new book Foldy Folly Patchwork...

  • Daisy Delight by Jennie Rayment

    Daisy Delight
    Create a fabulous flower hanging or small quilt from thirteen squares. For this you need just cut, stitch, twiddle, fiddle, tweak and twitch for a uniquely innovative manipulated marvel!

    Designed and made by Jennie Rayment.
    Materials used

    Marbled design, which yo...

  • Photo Manipulation with Carolyn Sinclair

    Design Ideas from Photo Manipulation
    Sit in on this entertaining talk with Carolyn and Jennie to learn how to use photo manipulation for creative inspiration.

    In this video, Carolyn will walk you through how to use the basic features on photo manipulation software. This includes changing colo...

  • Make an Amish Friendship Star with Jennie Rayment

    Make an Amish Friendship Star block.
    This is a simple 9-patch block and is created by using two colours – a background and a feature colour.
    Please use accurate ¼” seam when sewing.

    Cutting requirements for 6” (9”) (12”) block:

    Four corner squares of the background fabric 2 ½” (3 ½”) (4 ½”)

  • How to Make a Suffolk Puff (or Yo-Yo) with Jennie Rayment

    Suffolk puffs are often used to decorate quilts and other textile projects. They are wonderful, simple and create a great 3D effect. Also they are a perfect use of fabric scraps. The ideas of how you can use them will impress you.
    This has been taken from a longer video on how to make a Yo-Yo Cat...

  • Double Wedding Ring Patchwork with Jennie Rayment

    Traditional Favourite can use scraps or Jelly Roll
    This traditional favourite works well in scraps. It uses 2 1/2″ strips, background fabric as well as colour co-ordinated.
    Rotary Cutting helps with accuracy
    This is a challenging pattern but you too could make this traditional favourite. You will...

  • Trumpet Border for the Superstar with Jennie Rayment

    An alternative to the triangle border this adds dimension and texture to your quilt. You have basic flying geese units coupled with trumpet inserts, which again could be stuffed!
    As the flying geese units are also 3D you have the opportunity to roll the edges, which roll easily as they are on the...

  • Triangle Border for the Superstar with Jennie Rayment

    Making the quilt fit the border
    As with other borders on this Medallion quilt Jennie makes the quilt fit the border, rather than the other way round, which is a very useful tip when designing your own work.
    Flying geese
    Jennie makes the flying geese units using some special rulers but for alterna...

  • Square Seminole Border for the Superstar with Jennie Rayment

    Simple but effective
    This square border works well for other things too. Jennie shows how she made a spec case and decorated the top of a Christmas Stocking and Valerie shows off her Seminole Jacket.
    You could also think about using this simple border in the Ipad case that Jennie used, click here...

  • Hand Embellishing/Needlefelting with Jennie & Valerie

    Simple and effective
    Jennie demonstrates how simple and easy it is to use this little hand gadget to produce some really super results.
    Embellish your wardrobe - one the children can do too
    Another one of those techniques that the children can do using scraps of wool/fabric/threads. It is also...

  • Chevron Seminole Border for the Superstar with Jennie Rayment

    Easier than it looks
    This traditional chevron seminole is easier than it looks. It is useful as a border not just for quilts. For example, we used it in the Ipad cover, click here to enjoy that workshop.
    This is one of two options possible to go around your Blazing Star medallion centre. The othe...

  • Superstar - Blazing Star Centre with Jennie Rayment

    Jennie shows Valerie how to create the Blazing Star (Lone Star) which will form the centre medallion of this quilt and is part 1 of the series.
    Modern patchwork using the rotary cutter in conjunction with your sewing machine creates this with a straightforward strip-piecing method and clever use ...