Classes with Jennie Rayment

Classes with Jennie Rayment

Jennie is a world renown quilt teacher, lecturer, author of nine quilt books and numerous patterns. From Houston to Qatar, Durban to Melbourne, Auckland and many other international cities, Jennie has wowed them all with her superb teaching style and hilarious lectures all laced with wit, charm and professional expertise. Often working in calico, she manipulates and manoeuvres material into magical formations that appear deviously difficult yet are oh sew simple to produce.Her techniques are suitable for all abilities and can be incorporated into quilts, garments, home decor,bags and boxes. In her field, she is unique.

There are a wide range of videos available with Jennie – – from valuable hints and tips to inspiring full-length workshop.  Click here to see one of our favourite workshop series: the Stripy Stripey Story quilt.

Signature Technique:

Unique methods of twiddling and fiddling, manipulating fabric to create tantalising textures – engineering in material!

Jennie’s Top Tips:

- Use of a firmly woven crisp fabric will create the best textural effects, stiffer materials maintain the folds.
- Pressing seams open and flat reduces bulk and makes the finished piece have a more even appearance.
- When free motion quilting, use a plastic horseshoe shaped hoop or embroidery hoop as a ‘steering wheel’ to give you something to grasp

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Classes with Jennie Rayment
  • Ipad Cover with Seminole Patchwork with Jennie Rayment

    Practical gift opportunity
    The Ipad is everywhere, so it is pretty good to make for yourself or a friend a cover for it.
    Seminole Patchwork made easy
    The seminole patchwork makes a striking feature, but could be excluded altogether. It could also be replaced with simply strips of scrap fabric. It...

  • Lily Block with Jennie Rayment

    As always with Jennie this workshop is full of instruction and ideas. The basic lily block is constructed with simple squares, folded and sewn, as is the basket.
    The Lily block is part of the Floradorable Pattern, which is a free download for subscribed members.
    To make the stems Jennie has an in...

  • Tucked Up Band with Jennie Rayment

    This idea for a textured strip comes from the Victorian era when they used it to fold ribbon. You can of course still do this today.
    The textured strip can be used for a wide range of embellishments from a choker, to Home Dec ideas like trimming a lampshade. You can also use it for dress straps o...

  • Wrist Pincushion with Jennie Rayment

    Jennie shows us how to make this useful little project from a couple of pieces of felt. She suggests using your sewing machine to create a design on the top. This could be a great opportunity for you to try out some of those stitches and/or threads you have always wondered about.
    You could just a...

  • Embroidery Stabilizer Tip from Jennie Rayment

    This little tip has been extracted from a longer workshop with Jennie making Textured Waiscosts, which as well as being a great workshop is full of useful tips, click here to enjoy.
    Since working on this film, we have discovered another stablizer called Terial Magic, which is a solution.


  • Yo-Yo Caterpillar from Jennie Rayment

    Yo-Yo Patchwork uses up your scraps of fabric and wadding
    Just one of a range of fun toys that  can be made from this simple Yo-Yo design (called a Suffolk Puff in the UK);  its not only a great way to use up scraps of fabric but wadding too – the puffier the better! (sadly the pattern Jennie hig...

  • Device Cover from Jennie Rayment

    This project is a simpler version of the one that you can find in Jennie’s recent Sew Pieces Book. You can purchase this book in the website.
    Jennie shows you how simple these are to make and how you can customize the size to fit any of your devices – there is also the option to turn the cover in...

  • How to Use the EZ Quilting Dear Jane Templates and Book with Jennie Rayment

    The Dear Jane book features 225 different square designs and and triangles – designed in 1863. You get to learn how to piece the block, apply the block, piecing over papers.
    More help from Dearjane website where each of the blocks is dealt with individually.
    The templates have been specially desi...

  • How to Use the EZ Quilting Double Wedding Ring Template with Jennie Rayment

    Classic patchwork and great scrap design. Jennie guides you through colour choice and then shows you how the template works. If you rotary cut you will be more accurate. You cut the arcs from strips of fabric. For each wedding ring you need 4 arcs.
    You will cut your scraps using A and B templates...

  • Double Wedding Ring Diamond Jubilee Template with Jennie Rayment

    Another variation on the double wedding ring that has an 18″ diameter.
    Fewer pieces to sew in the arc sections, this might appeal. It does not stand alone though as you need the original template too.
    The centres of these arcs are based on a diamond. Jennie guides you though how to cut and sew th...

  • Double Wedding Ring Pickle Dish Template with Jennie Rayment

    Another variation on the traditional Double Wedding Ring patchwork block. This is another great use of small scrap pieces of fabric.
    This pickle dish template needs to be used with the Double Wedding ring template (both are available in our website) as it replaces the wedges with triangles, so it...

  • Single Arc Double Wedding Ring Template with Jennie Rayment

    This template allows you to do away with all those little pieces associated with the more classic pattern, but will still give you the same overall effect – just less pieces to sew.
    It is used in conjunction with the other template though. It is not a stand-alone template – so you need both!
    You ...

  • How to Use the EZ Quilting Tri-Mate Ruler with Jennie Rayment

    Multi-size 1.5 inch – 12 inch.
    Great for borders or framing your block. The templates has two sets of markings. The cutting measurements for your strips runs down the centre and the markings on the side tell you the finished size of the blocks.
    She also gives some ideas for patterns and designs –...

  • How to Use the EZ Quilting Long Hexagon Ruler with Jennie Rayment

    The hexagon has been stretched so gives a really interesting shape. Cutting instructions are on the label so hang onto it.
    The template is designed to be used with a strip of fabric and the numbers are printed on the ruler itself. It is multi size to allow you to cut  from 2.5 inch to 5.5 inch. J...

  • How to Use the EZ Quilting 60 Degree Triangle with Jennie Rayment

    Multisize – gives both the strip size you need to cut and also the height. A mini version is for use with the jelly roll strips. i.e 2.5 inch strips.
    The top of the triangle template is flat to save you fabric and means that you can use this strip for cutting other shapes – such as squares, or ot...

  • How to Use the EZ Quilting 120 Degree Triangle with Jennie Rayment

    This workshop is about a multi-size triangle template, which you can find in our website. You should also keep the packaging as it has some design ideas on it.
    You can use the template as itself or as a double. Jennie gives you lots of design ideas and options. The patchwork pieces are rotary cut...

  • How to Use the EZ Quilting Simply Crazy Template with Jennie Rayment

    This crazy template is multi-sized (it gives you 4 options) and it is 5 sided which is quite difficult to cut/design yourselfand like all the EZ Quilting acrylic templates it has been designed to be used safely with the rotary cutter.
    Jennie uses the centre shape and then sews strips onto it. She...

  • How to Use the EZ Quilting Companion Angle Template with Jennie Rayment

    This acrylic template is multi-sized and there is a mini version to use with jelly roll strips.
    It makes Quarter Square triangles without any maths! And you need these to edge your quilt particularly when you set your blocks on point.  Quarter square triangles mean that you have the grain of the ...

  • How to Use the EZ Quilting Golden Wedding Ring Template with Jennie Rayment

    A variation on the double wedding ring patchwork block. This one has 6 melons around a hexagonal centre – it will impress your patchwork friends!
    Great instructions on the packaging – so hang onto them.
    Jennie guides you through the sequence of cutting and then sewing – don’t forget you can stop ...

  • How to Use the EZ Quilting Jelly Roll Ruler with Jennie Rayment

    Jelly rolls consist of 2.5 inch strips and you can easily create your own from layer cakes or hunny buns or charm packsjust use the marks that have been printed on the ruler for you to follow.
    Again perfect for those who don’t have rulers already in their cupboard and also if you are used to work...

  • How to Use the EZ Quilting Fat Cats Template with Jennie Rayment

    A bit of fun to create pieced or applied cats, stripey cats, tall thin cats, halloween cats – just some of the options you could design. Jennie shows how to safe use template which allows to rotary cut patchwork pieces. Also she gives a clever tip on making the background bits and some ideas for ...

  • How to Use the EZ Quilting Flip N Set Tool with Jennie Rayment

    This special ruler, which you can find in our website, is to help you place blocks on point – i.e. set on the diagonal. It cleverly works out the size you need.
    Jennie guides you through how this works, so even if you are used to working in metric – you can follow the numbers. You cut the request...

  • How to Use the EZ Quilting 45 Degree Triangle Template with Jennie Rayment

    Multi size 1″ – 6.5″ plus mini version.
    As you can see you could use 45 Degree Triangle Template to fussy cut your triangles.
    The Kaleidoscope pattern is used in the classic design. But also you can put 8 pointed design together to create a pattern similar to the Dresden plateand/or an octagonal ...

  • How to Use the EZ Quilting Pineapple Ruler with Jennie Rayment

    This is a multi-sized acrylic template, designed to be used with the rotary cutter.
    The classic pineapple but adding the strips round the centre square has in the past been tricky – well no more!
    Two sides: A = pink and B = blue. Strips and squares use side A, and for the pineapple bit use side B...