Classes with Kathleen Laurel Sage

Classes with Kathleen Laurel Sage

Kathleen is a freelance designer and embroiderer producing a wide range of innovative textile works. She enjoys blending traditional techniques with contemporary designs and unusual mediums to construct beautiful textiles – – from floral patterns in organza to goldwork. Kathleen draws, designs and dreams most days, continually adding source and reference material to an ever increasing visual and stimulating collection.   For her, this dreaming process is part of the act of creating and is as important to her as the finished piece.

Click here to learn more about Kathleen in her interview with Valerie Nesbitt.

Signature Technique:

Using organza, reverse applique and soldering irons to create floral panels.

Kathleen’s Top Tips

- Use reverse applique to clip off areas so that colours come through.
- Use biased edges and programmed stitches to create beautiful book covers.

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Classes with Kathleen Laurel Sage
  • Meet Kathleen Laurel-Sage - Textile Artist

    Kathleen is a freelance textile artist, designer and enthusiastic embroiderer. Her inspirations are captured from carvings and ornate plasterwork depicting patterns from the natural environment found around her.

    Her fascination for working with organza fabrics has produced work that ranges fro...

  • Introduction to Goldwork Embroidery with Kathleen Laurel Sage

    A comprehensive workshop from Kathleen where she introduces the goldwork series.

    Kathleen shows you how to create a delightful Bumblebee with texture in the body created from the purl and check wires, which she admits is a little fiddly, but very straightforward and worth taking a little time ...

  • Padded Leather Goldwork with Kathleen Laurel Sage

    If you enjoy slow stitching, then this is definitely the technique for you!

    Kathleen enjoys adding padded leather to her work as this adds another dimension which catches the light. She talks you through the type of leather that is best for this design, how to create the padded effect with fel...

  • Couching Goldwork with Kathleen Laurel-Sage

    Kathleen takes you through all the steps needed to create this lovely design.

    In this comprehensive workshop, Kathleen shows how to transfer your design onto your fabric and how to load this into your embroidery hoop correctly. She talks you through the order of sewing. A little like applique,...

  • Learning about Contemporary Goldwork with Kathleen Laurel-Sage

    The ancient craft of goldwork embroidery continues to draw crowds of admirers, and Kathleen has found a way to create the same beautiful finished results in a fraction of time.

    In this interview we find out more about the goldwork techniques that Kathleen enjoys teaching. These include couchin...

  • Simple 3D Flowers with Kathleen Laurel-Sage

    In this workshop with Kathleen we learn how to create delightful 3D flowers with scraps of organza, free motion quilting, and then adding wires and beads to create jewellery.

    Kathleen loves to work with solvable fabric as well as scraps of organza and she talks us through how to set up the sew...

  • Textured Books with Kathleen Laurel-Sage

    Kathleen loves to use organza and in this delightful workshop we get to use up lots of small scraps that might overwise get overlooked.
    Kathleen also shows us how to set up the machine; which foot is best; things to think about such as using up threads to add additional colour and how to use a te...

  • Floral Cutwork from Kathleen Laurel-Sage

    In this very comprehensive workshop Kathleen shares with you how to create cutwork using your sewing machine skills. Kathleen loves to work with scraps of organza and water soluble fabric.

    She talks you through marking the design, the fabric placement of all those little scraps of organza. She...