Classes with Maggie Davies

Classes with Maggie Davies

Maggie started teaching in the UK and Europe after gaining City and Guilds qualifications in Patchwork & Quilting, Embroidery, Teaching, and the Diploma of Stitched Textiles.

Maggie regularly attends quilt shows throughout the UK, Europe and the USA demonstrating her innovative appliqué techniques and teaching classes. She has also been a Judge Co-ordinator at many of these quilt shows.

Maggie is well known for appliqué, hot ribbon art and needlefelting. She has developed a new simple technique for invisible needle turn appliqué, perfect points, inward Vs and perfectly rounded curves. The new style takes the pain out of appliqué and produces outstanding results.

According to one of her students, ” I thought I could do appliqué until I took Maggie’s class. She teaches invisible (and I really do mean invisible) stitching and perfect points (they really are perfect). Her methods are very, very good. I don’t think you could have a better teacher in handwork.”

Maggie describes herself as a traditionalist at heart. She has been designing contemporary Hawaiian appliqué patterns for the last ten years and written a book on the subject which incorporates all of her new appliqué techniques.

If you like handwork, you will love Maggie’s popular 3-part, Hawaiian applique workshop.

Signature Technique:

Invisible needle turn appliqué, perfect points, inward Vs and perfectly rounded curves.

Top Tips:

- To find out if your fabric is dye fast, dip a corner of the fabric into boiling water.
- Use a fine cotton thread when appliquéing cotton fabric.
- There are special appliqué needles on the market often referred to as sharps. An appliqué needle is longer and allows you to sculpt the turning allowance under without using your fingers!
- I use Gingher 5in. tailor-point scissors with the short-pointed blade because it enables me to cut out the most intricate Hawaiian Appliqué designs.

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Classes with Maggie Davies
  • Hand Appliqué for the Grandmother's Fan Block

    Beginners Guide
    In the video, you will learn a traditional patchwork block that needs to be applied to the background. Doing this block by hand makes for a very portable project.

    This is not an in-depth appliqué workshop, but a good beginners guide to what you need to consider and the basic t...

  • Hawaiian Appliqué Part 2 with Maggie Davies

    In this video, Maggie explains how to unfold the motive fabric accurately,  ensuring that the grain matches. She guides you through pinning and tacking. Pay special attention to the tacking (or basting) as this makes life easier later.

    Click here to learn more about Maggie Davies.

  • Hawaiian Appliqué Part 1 with Maggie Davies

    This workshop by Maggie is full of detail and tips to enable you to create a Hawaiian masterpiece all of your own. If you like handwork, you will certainly enjoy this.

    Part I covers designing your motif, making the template, cutting the fabric, and tips for aligning the grain.


  • Hawaiian Appliqué Part 3 with Maggie Davies

    In this final stage of the workshop, you will learn what tools Maggie recommends: from an alternative to a thimble through to the perfect appliqué needle. She also talks about threads and colours.

    Anyone interested in achieving a wonderful a piece of stitched appliqué should watch this.


  • Needle Felting with Maggie Davies

    Maggie has designed several beautiful patterns to use with this technique including an octagonal felt bag which was featured in issue 61 of Fabrications magazine. (Back issues are available directly from Grosvenor Publications 01775 712100.)

    The simple equipment used in this needle felting pro...

  • Hot Ribbon Art with Maggie Davies

    Hot Ribbon Art’ is a versatile double-sided fusible ribbon. That quickly and readily bonds to material and most porous surfaces. Furthermore, it requires absolutely no stitching.
    The ribbon is only one-eighth of an inch wide. It’s also available in 22 different hues. Moreover, it adds to any patc...

  • How to Cut a Large Square Easily by Maggie Davies

    Rotary Cutting Skills
    Basic Patchwork skill
    What do you do when you need a more giant square than your square ruler? Resort to a tape measure or paper/cardboard?
    Well, clever Maggie has found the answer and shares it here. Just do bear in mind where the fold is!

    Click here to lea...

  • Meet Maggie Davies

    In this video, Valerie Nesbitt and Maggie Davies sit down over a cup of tea to talk about taking her applique designs to the USA. Also, they discuss how she has developed new applique techniques to account for busy lifestyles and hand issues.
    Maggie conducted this interview after filming three ex...

  • An Interview with Maggie Davies

    Jennie Rayment catches up with her friend, Maggie Davies, at the Malvern show.
    In this video, Maggie demonstrates how to do needlefelting.  You’ll learn several useful hints and tips.
    Maggie also talks about some of her hot ribbon art, which she is well know for.