Classes with Paula Doyle

Classes with Paula Doyle

Paula Doyle is an author, award winning quilter and tutor. One of the things she likes best is designing complex looking quilts which are made using simplified techniques to make them achievable and enjoyable to every quilter.  In 2013, Paula was approached to design and create a quilt project to celebrate the 800th anniversary of the sealing of the Magna Carta. This resulted in the formation of the Magna Carta Quilt Association, which produced a series of 8 quilts for the anniversary festivities. The Magna Carta Quilts have since been on display in Houston and Chicago as well as other venues around the UK. There’s no doubt that Paula Doyle loves quilts. 

Click here to learn more about Paula in her interview with Valerie Nesbitt.

Signature Technique:

Making small scale quilts and blocks

Paula’s Top Tips:

- Stitch in place a few times before setting off slowly to avoid jagged lines with free motion.
- Fat quarters have less calories than a chocolate bar.
- Use freezer paper to create your own unique template

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Classes with Paula Doyle
  • Make Ravioli Quilts with Paula Doyle

    Jeans, t-shirts, flannel and left over scraps of wadding provide the materials for this up-cycle project, resulting in a block that can be stitched into any size of quilt.
    Paula makes the most of old clothes by cutting around seams to make 6″ squares. She then pairs them with 5″ wadding off-cut s...

  • Catching Up with Paula Doyle

    Recycling fabric is the inspiration behind the latest creations by Paula Doyle.  Her gorgeous square and sunflower ravioli quilts use jeans, flannel, and t-shirts to stunning effect.
    The idea of recycling goes beyond quilts using itsy bits of jeans to produce fabric. You will want to explore how ...

  • Easy Stack Quilts Preparation with Paula Doyle

    Paula shows us how effective the use of large print fabrics can be to create Kaleidoscope style blocks. Also, she uses just 4 repeats of the fabric to create stunning, but simple to construct blocks.

    You get to learn how to spot the repeats, anything from 8" to 24", and you will use just to th...

  • Free Motion Quilting Tip from Paula Doyle

    This is an excellent tip from Paula which will help you make that smooth transition – because you have to stop sometimes!
    This tip has been extracted from a longer video on free motion quilting, which in turn is part of an excellent comprehensive series that Paula filmed with us.


  • Painting with Pens from Paula Doyle

    Paula shares with us this neat idea where she uses Sharpie pens.  Other fabric pens would work too. She creates this lovely colourful piece of fabric.  There is also no need to pay too much attention to the lines either!
    A great idea to share with the children – but as there is IPA involved – adu...

  • Free Motion Quilting - Part 2 with Paula Doyle

    More useful filler stitches, this time following a pre-marked design. Paula shows you how to make these – such as mock cathedral window – and then how to create this with an interesting look at making it a continuous design.
    Paula often uses a pre-marked grid, and she guides you through how to ma...

  • Itsy Bits and Wonky Strips with Paula Doyle

    This is a great idea from Paula that works with straightforward sewing – no need to worry about seam allowance or edges! As with many scrap quilt projects a little bit of pre-sorting will make life easier  and save you time. As you will see, Paula just uses two containers. One is a bucket, so no ...

  • Free Motion Machine Quilting Part 1 with Paula Doyle

    This is the first of three workshops with Paula and in this workshop the focus is on free-motion filler stitches.
    Paula starts off by talking us through her quilting sandwich, setting up the machine – reminding us which foot to use and helps us by using high contrast thread so that we can see wha...

  • Using Freezer Paper as a Template from Paula Doyle

    How do I quilt this? –  is the question we all ask when the top is done;  here is a great idea from Paula that you can easily do yourself and also creates a unique design.
    Freezer paper does not leave any residue on your quilt when it adhere and it can be used a few times before you have to rejec...

  • Thread Painting Portraits with Paula Doyle

    Paula has been closely involved in the designing and making of the Magna Carta quilts and in this workshop she shares with us how she (and her quilting friends) drew with thread the portraits to hand on the Oaktree Legacy quilts.
    There were/are 20 leaves on each tree and the portraits are of thos...

  • Easy Stack Quilts from Paula Doyle

    Paula shows us how effective the use of large print fabrics can be; anything from traditional floral to wacky Route 99! And she uses just 4 repeats of the fabric to create these stunning, but simple to construct blocks.
    Paula also talks about the Bright Hopes block, which uses simple rectangles a...

  • Folded Freezer Paper Foundation Piecing with Paula Doyle

    This is such a clever technique which allows you to work with the accuracy of foundation piecing, but without having any papers to remove at the end - so no mess; no distortion or tearing of stitches.

    Paula shows you how to create a Dino Track block with this technique which uses freezer paper...

  • Make Boro Fabric with Paula Doyle

    Paula is on a mission to utilise left over scraps from her blue jeans ravioli quilts.
    She discusses the simple process of using Bondaweb and a foundation cloth to produce a heavy weight fabric. This enables you to secure the scraps of blue jeans before sewing.
    The triple stitch on your machine is...

  • Creating the Perfect Bound Mitred Corner with Paula Doyle

    Making a perfect mitre is so easy when you know how;  you will impress yourself and your quilting colleagues when your quilt corners look this good.
    The tip has been extracted from a much longer, and more comprehensive workshop with Paula on binding – which as a subscribed member you can enjoy by...

  • Small 4-Block Sampler Quilt Pieced by Hand by Paula Doyle - Part 4

    To finish the quilt you just need to add sashing and cornerstones. For this you make templates in the same way as before.
    Paula also moves on to give you inspiration by showing you other quilts. She suggests you might like to try making more than one block of the same pattern. You will create an ...

  • Small 4-Block Sampler Quilt Pieced by Hand with Paula Doyle - Part 3

    Robbing Peter to pay Paul is the name of this traditional little block. Is made up rather like a four-patch, but the colour combinations swap over – hence it’s name.  You will I am sure recognise that a single unit it also known as Drunkard’s Path.
    Paula shows you how to use the two templates tha...

  • Small 4-Block Sampler Quilt Pieced by Hand by Paula Doyle - Part 2

    Two more small blocks from Paula, for which you do need to make templates.
    The Tilted Square block uses a half rectangle templates and a partial seaming technique.  You will always use the template for the half-rectangle in the same direction – NOT mirror imaged. And then Paula shows us how the p...

  • Small 4-Block Sampler Quilt Pieced by Hand with Paula Doyle -Part 1

    This is the quilt that Paula is working on for us:

    Paula takes us through the early design stages for creating your own quilt – a process which works for all sizes. Then moves on to showing us the tools she likes to use, which include sandpaper!
    Below are some of the supplies she mentions are an...

  • American Hand Piecing interview with Paula Doyle

    American hand patchwork piecing is not done over papers but sewn together with a simple running stitch. You will easily create blocks of patchwork. By being sewn by hand it means that it is very portable.  However, the quilts are still very strong.
    Paula shows us a few of her hand-made quilts. Sh...

  • Stained Glass Patchwork with Paula Doyle

    Paula shares this really easy technique with us. All you need to do is be able to trace, cut out and iron.  Then you get to sew with a simple zig-zag stitch.

    This is a super use of scraps of fabric - particularly the bright ones. These will contrast exceptionally well with the black stained gl...

  • More Going Crazy with Angela Daymond and Paula Doyle

    Angela and Paula continue to share with us their varied approach to producing this classic favourite.  Both enjoy using different threads and stitches. Angela explains (and shows) how the different thicknesses of thread make a difference. You can use  some of these on the sewing machine, others m...

  • Going Crazy with Angela Daymond and Paula Doyle

    Crazy patchwork continues to appeal. Angela and Paula show that you can take different approaches to achieve a similar end result.

    By sewing the pieces onto the foundation fabric by hand, with a simple running stitch, it remains very portable;  Angela suggests using up old tray cloths or lace ...

  • How to Create Continuous Binding with Paula Doyle

    Paula Doyle is an accomplished and award winning quilt maker. She passes on her expertise on how to create perfect binding for your quilt. So don’t let the binding let you down!
    Paula shows you how to create a continuous piece of bias binding from a square of fabric. Bias is essential when you ha...

  • More Easy Stack Ideas from Paula Doyle

    Look what just one strip of 4 fabrics will provide you with – so many variations and you will love them all!
    In this short video Paula uses larger squares than before but as you can see, very effectively.
    This is a follow up from her original full workshop of the same name, in which Paula shows y...