Classes with Sallieann Harrison

Classes with Sallieann Harrison

It was in New Bern, North Carolina that Sallieann found her very first Patchwork and Quilting Store.  She walked in and was totally bowled over and knew this is what she needed in her life!  She started with classes, mentoring from the incredible Shelly May of the "Raspberry Rabbits," then some teaching, and by the time she left the USA, Sallieann was a prize-winning exhibitor! When Sallieann and family moved back to the UK, she taught private Patchwork and Quilting classes, as well as little gigs here and there for John Lewis and the American Museum in Bath. By 2016, she was designing for magazines, exhibiting more widely and started to work with Denman WI College teaching residential courses. Sallieann enjoys traditional quilting techniques and has won several quilt show awards both in the UK and USA. Be sure to check out her wool applique projects using a blend of hand and machine sewing.

Click here to see an interview with Valerie Nesbitt and Sallieann where she shows Valerie some of the work she likes to do and how she does it.

Signature Technique:

Felted wool appliqué on a sewing machine using speciality threads

Top Tips:

- Run dental floss through your machine to get wool fluff out.
- To get a “touchy feely” vintage effect dip and tea dye the piece then tumble dry.
- Unpick seams with a Wahl trimmer. Works like a charm!

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Classes with Sallieann Harrison
  • Beginner Patchwork with Sallieann Harrison: Double French Quilt Binding

    In order to bind most quilts you will need more than one strip of fabric. Knowing how to join them beautifully on the diagonal is a must, and Sallieann guides you through all the stages necessary.
    Once your length of binding has been made, use the walking foot to apply this to your quilt. You wil...

  • Beginner Patchwork Sampler quilt with Sallieann Harrison - Block 5

    This traditional block is created with strips sewn around a central square. The folk-lore has it used to represent the fireplace of the log cabin, so would be sewn with red fabric. Then lit half the cabin (the light side) and threw the other half into shade (dark fabric). The colours used by Sall...

  • Beginner Patchwork Sampler quilt with Sallieann Harrison - Block 1

    In this workshop Sallieann shows you how to make accurate half-square triangle units;  these units are used extensively in patchwork and you will find the technique is needed in future blocks in this beginner series,  such as Churn Dash, Shoo Fly and Road to Oklahoma.
    Sallieann takes you through ...

  • Beginner Patchwork Sampler Quilt with Sallieann Harrison - Block 6

    Create the fan with a series of petals. You will easily sew them together in an arc, then attach them to a background block.  You can do this either with the sewing machine, or by hand, which Sallieann demonstrates, and then she also gives you a design option of adding a heart in fused applique –...

  • Beginner Patchwork Sampler Quilt Series with Sallieann Harrison - Block 7

    Another traditional 9 patch block. This one is made up with a central square in a square, four plain fabric corners and then 4 units that are made with quarter-square triangles.
    The central unit is created with the stitch/n/flip method. Then Sallieann goes on to show you how to create the quarter...

  • Beginner Patchwork Sampler Quilt Series with Sallieann Harrison - Quilt Layout

    Once you have made your blocks you need to put them together to form a quilt. In this workshop Sallieann talks about the sashing and the borders. You may need  to adjust the sashing to be the same size as your block.
    Lay the blocks out on a design surface (table or floor both work well)in a pleas...

  • Beginner Patchwork Sampler Quilt Series with Sallieann Harrison - Promo Film

    Sallieann takes you through all the steps you need to create this delightful quilt, designed by her and remade for us using Forest Fruits colour pack from Oakshott fabrics.

    During the series of workshops, you will learn how to rotary cut safely; machine piece accurately with 1/4" seam allowanc...

  • Clear Vinyl Appliqué with Sallieann Harrison

    Sallieann discusses making her quilted cherry tub pattern with window flower appliqué, she uses a cut away method. Also, she demonstrates how to sew 1/4” bias strips to the edge of the viny. And talks about the importance of using tiny stitches and pivoting to create accurate curves. This tub is ...

  • Beginner Patchwork Sampler Quilt with Sallieann Harrison - Block 4

    Using the Stitch'n'Flip method of construction means that you have a very accurate method for sewing these units.

    Salliann also has a great little tip to sew two at a go. This means that you can chain piece, a method that your machine will love, as it can continue to sew and you also save thre...

  • Beginner Patchwork Sampler quilt with Sallieann Harrison - Block 3

    In this block Sallieann shows us how to create the four-patch unit with the help of strip piecing.  She also demonstrates how to subcut this into perfect little 2.5inch units for the four-patch.
    The Road to Oklahoma block also needs some half-square triangle units, which you know how to make, and...

  • Beginner Patchwork Sampler Quilt with Sallieann Harrison - Block 2

    The hearts in this block are easily created with fused applique. Sallieann takes you through the stages to do this. You will require a fusing medium, such as Heat N Bond. Then you will need to do some machine stitching.

    She has a great tip on how to keep your patchwork subtle by removing some ...

  • Rotary Cutting for Beginners with Sallieann Harrison

    Rotary cutting your fabric is a 'must have' skill for today's patchworker. You can cut several layers of fabric, accurately and quickly which means that your piecing is then accurate too. These tools have been designed with quilters in mind.

    Sallieann takes you through the various options on t...

  • Liberty Needlecase with Sallieann Harrison

    Sallieann has developed this technique for use with the sewing machine. You could do some of it by hand if you wanted. Create the folded texture by having strips of fabric cut on the bias, so that they stretch nicely for you.

    You can create added interest by using vinyl instead of fabric. This...

  • Dresden Plate Patchwork with Sallieann Harrison

    This delightful quilt is made up of dresden plate patchwork plus some stunning borders.

    Sallieann takes us through the steps to make the 12 petals with the speedy help of the sewing machine. Her method means that the tips of the plates are already turned and therefore ready for the applique st...

  • Christmas Wreath Sewing Caddy with Sallieann Harrison

    In this workshop Sallieann talks you through some of the embroidery stitches she likes to use to hold the fused felt shapes into place. The pattern comes with all the templates you will need for the various shapes. These include the vine wreath, leaves and poinsetta flower.

    She suggests using ...

  • Double Patchwork Binding Technique with Sallieann Harrison

    This double binding technique gives you such a lovely finish on the front of your quilt (or project). It is straightforward under Sallieann’s guidance.
    She gives you measurements for both 2 1/2″ and 3″ binding (which is cut straight, not on the bias). She also talks you through the mitred corners...

  • Wool Applique with Sallieann Harrison

    The thumbnail picture for the video shows a lovely piece of work by Sallieann. She worked this by hand and it closely resembles penny rug work.
    Sallieann likes to use cotton perle thread (which is not stranded). She talks us through how to work various embroidery stitches that she feels add textu...

  • Coil Baskets with Sallieann Harrison

    Sallieann says making coil baskets can be addictive.  Seeing how easy they are I think she could be right.

    She takes us through each of the steps. Starting off with how to make the circular base. Then adding the sides and  the final top handle/loop. All with just rope and a zig-zag stitch on y...

  • London Soldier with Sallieann Harrison

    Wool applique by machine means you are able to get more projects finished than if you would working by hand, but the effect is the same.

    Sallieann shows stages of creating this project. She starts with the tracing off the pattern through setting up the machine and the stitch length. Also, she ...

  • Wool Applique by Machine with Sallieann Harrison

    Sallieann needed a way to work on more wool applique projects that hours would allow her to do by hand, so she has perfected a way of getting her sewing machine to behave with cotton perle 12 threads.

    In this introduction she guides us through the needles she uses on her machine, the threads s...