Classes with Tess Grace

Classes with Tess Grace

Tess Grace is a block printing tutor who has a passion for pattern, printing, and crafting. Tess’ love for block printing started after a visit to Jaipur where she learned how to print.  She is dedicated to working with children and adults to discover the joy of creating and using a variety of textiles. Tess invites all of you to “come on in and join a whole world of gorgeousness!”

Click here for a short but comprehensive guide from Tess on how to block print onto fabric and/or paper.

Signature Technique:

Block Printing

Tess’ Top Tips:

- Print onto a foam printing matt. You should be able to wiggle your printing block as you press down.
- Always tap paint onto the surface of your printing block, never wipe or squeeze.
- Have a practice print so that you get a feel for the right amount of paint to be used.
- Use sponge dabbers for multi-colour printing. They are much more precise.

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Classes with Tess Grace
  • How to Use Up Your Practice Pieces with Tess Grace

    In this short workshop, Tess Grace from The Indian Block Print Co describes a great way to use up your practice pieces printed and not waste them.

    Tess always uses cotton fabric to practice her block printing on but can't see them go to waste. In this tip she suggests cutting them out to use o...

  • Paint Saving Tip from Tess Grace

    In this short workshop, Tess Grace from The Indian Block Print Co demonstrates what to do with your excess paint once you have finished printing.

    Given that you don't want to waste any of your beautiful paints. Tess shows us a simple method o putting the paint back into the pot for use in futu...

  • Block Printing to make cards with Tess Grace

    In this short workshop, Tess Grace from The Indian Block Print Co demonstrates block printing on cards. She recommends using water based acrylic paints and printing on a single side of the card for bright sharp images. There are a number of helpful tips included in this video:

    use sponge dab...

  • How to make a fabric lampshade with Tess Grace

    Tess Grace takes you through the various stages to create your own printed lampshade. It's lovely to create a personal design to compliment your room.

    Remember, you need to have the fabric applied to the PVC base before you start to print on it as this gives you a firmer, better end result. On...

  • How to clean your Printing Blocks with Tess Grace

    Tess shows you how to clean your printing blocks so that your wooden printing blocks can be used again and again. It all starts with warm soapy water to rinse the blocks in. Give them a quick brush. Don't leave them in to soak, and don't worry if the white paint comes off, as its not a necessity....

  • Block printing tote bags with Tess Grace

    Block printing is a very simple and easy way to decorate a plain fabric tote bag. In this workshop, Tess shows you how to make this beautiful, Moroccan style tote bag which is completely washable. You'll learn how to use two colours on your block, find the middle of your work and avoid splashing ...

  • Block printing tea towels with Tess Grace

    As well as taking you through all the steps to create this lovely tea towel, Tess reminds you that you do need to practice as it helps to get your spacing correct with all the blocks you want to use as well as helping you get a good image from each of them.  Don't forget that you can also layer t...

  • Block Printing Easter Cards with Tess Grace

    In this workshop, Tess shows you how you can create some delightful Easter cards (and later in the year for other occasions) onto card and fabric.

    Tess reminds us that you should always practise first on a small piece of fabric (or waste paper). She also shows how easy it is to change colour, ...

  • An Introduction to Block Printing with Tess Grace

    Tess is passionate about block printing. In this workshop, Tess guides you through everything you need to know to be ready to block print at home. You will learn about the equipment that you need. You will learn about the basic techniques that you'll use when printing onto fabric and paper. This ...