Crochet Tips and Techniques

Crochet Tips and Techniques

It is always helpful to pick up Tips and Techniques. In this Collection of videos, we focus on select Tips and Techniques from Britain's finest tutors. These videos are shorter than our full-length workshop videos because they focus in on a select Tip and Technique.

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Crochet Tips and Techniques
  • Chevron Scarf with Jane Czaja

    As Autumn turns to Winter crochet scarf patterns are a must.

    Jane Czaja shows how to start a scarf with a simple 13 stitch chain. Working a combination of slip stitches, treble stitches and chains into this effective chevron pattern. Using an Aran weight yarn with a 5mm hook this work grows qu...

  • Granny Strip Carousel Blanket with Jane Czaja

    This simple blanket uses a chain and treble stitch in rows to form the granny stitch. There are no corners to turn as it is worked in rows so easy for the beginner.

    Starting with a 2 row foundation and set up with a row of crochet trebles. This method allows the creation of a blanket of any si...

  • Granny Rectangular Blanket with Jane Czaja

    This pattern is a rectangle based on Granny Square pattern. Easy BUT take care with first 3 rounds as that is where the magic happens.

    Jane loves colour but doesn't like to sew in ends so suggests using a variegated yarn.  Choosing 450g of any variegated chunky wool  plus a plain colour for th...

  • Stash Crochet Bag with Gaynor White

    Ever wondered what to do with all those left over yarns? Gaynor White has the perfect solution, a chunky crochet stash bag.

    In this comprehensive workshop Gaynor explains all the steps to make this beautiful bag.

    Beginning with continuous rounds in double crochet she demonstrates how to mak...

  • Crochet Poppy with Gaynor White

    Using Chunky Yarn and a size 4 hook Gaynor White shows a quick and easy method for crocheting a poppy.

    These simple to follow instructions and handy tips are ideal for beginners to crochet.

    Utilising half trebles, chains and slip stitches this 3 petal poppy grows quickly. Adding a leaf to y...

  • Double Crochet for Left-handers with Sarah Hatton

    Using this stitch requires working in the opposite direction to those who are right-handed. It is very different when working in the round to produce a pot.

    Sarah guides you through the sequence.

    Also, if you would like to learn how to treble crochet click here. To finish your crochet proje...

  • Treble Crochet for Left-handers with Sarah Hatton

    This treble crochet stitch is often used to create Granny Squares, similar to knitting, which can then be turned into quilts or rugs. This is quite a tall stitch, so your work will grow quite quickly.

    If you would like to learn about double crochet for left-handers, just click here. Finishing ...

  • How to Treble Crochet with Rosee Woodland

    This treble crochet stitch is often used when creating Granny Squares (similar to knitting) which can then be turned into quilts/rugs.   This is quite a tall stitch, so that your work will grow quite quickly.
    Rosee reminds you about the turning chains (which she also showed you how to do in the D...

  • How to Fasten Off Crochet with Rosee Woodland

    What more is there to say – at the end of the project you need to fasten off – including the last stitch , which is easier than you might think.

    Click here to learn more about Rosee Woodland.

  • Beginners How to Crochet Series - Part 1 - Fasten On with Rosee Woodland

    Crochet projects start with a chain – so once you know how to do this, you can settle down to all your other options.
    Rosee has a great tip about turning your work over too.
    Having mastered this, you could move on to the other short videos in this beginners series:
    Double Crochet, or Treble Croch...

  • How to Double Crochet with Rosee Woodland

    Once you have made your starter chain, you can then move on to this stitch, which is quite a firm stitch and often used for home furnishings and toys.
    Rosee also shows you have to make a turning chain, and talks about crochet Bunting which can be created from  simple triangles in crochet using th...

  • Crochet for Left-handers with Sarah Hatton

    Sarah explains just how different it is to crochet if you are left-handed. She gives you some tips on what you need to look out for and what to think about when it comes to your patterns.

    Once you have mastered this, you can move on to double crochet and treble crochet. To finish, it's the sam...