Cushions (quilting)

Cushions (quilting)

Everyone loves making cushions. Watch these videos to learn how to make a range of cushions.

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Cushions (quilting)
  • Faded Flag Cushion with Anne Baxter

    Patriotic Patchwork
    As a subscriber, you are able to download the pattern for free by clicking on the workshop notes.

    A kit for Anne’s Faded Flag Cushion in red, white and blue Liberty florals and the pattern can both be purchased on our website.

    If you want to see what others have already...

  • Turtle Dove Tree Project with Anne Baxter

    Anne has made this into both using silk scraps for the wall hangings. They won’t take much wear and tear; but suggests cotton fabrics for the cushion, as it needs to be a little bit hardier.
    Anne talks you through the stitches she has used. The stitches vary depending on the project. But in all c...

  • Log Cabin Christmas Cushion from Lewis & Irene

    Sally Ablett has designed a range of quilts using the log cabin design; but in this video Valerie works on just four blocks. They could easily then be turned into a cushion.
    Valerie talks about how to keep the block flat by pressing the seams; and also about sewing down the side with two-seams. T...

  • Japanese Folded Patchwork with Lee Brown

    Japanese folded pieces is a double sided technique that uses circles and triangles.

    Lee mentions that she uses pelmet vilene to give some of her Japanese folded pieces more structure. She pads out the cushion by using up small scraps of wadding.

    She uses the hand sewing only for the simple ...

  • Summer Rose Cushion with Sylvia Critcher

    The kit related to this workshop is a great for beginners interested in trapunto and quilting. It comes complete with all you will need. The only things not included are cushion pads and coloured threads. The pattern template allows you a variety of project sizes, from the little heart and small ...

  • Transfer Painting with Mary Gamester

    Transfer painting using templates and bubblewrap
    In this workshop Mary shows you how to cut your snowflake template. She uses it both as a positive and a negative template. Also she uses bubble-wrap to great effect and shows just what a wonderful and varied effect can be created with these transf...

  • Dream Quilt from Makower with Valerie Nesbitt

    As this lovely quilt uses foundation piecing, it is a great quilt for beginners. Meaning you just need to sew on the line – so no need to worry about seam allowances!
    In this workshop Valerie guides you through the downloadable notes. She  talks you through  the various sheets of templates which ...

  • Cathedral Window Patchwork with Vendulka Battais

    Vendulka demonstrates her stunning basic cushion project using three fabrics inspired by her book Cathedral Windows – New Views.
    She includes thoughts on choosing a variety of fabrics to ensure contrast and selection of the window fabric, which is so easy to do with her technique.
    She also explor...

  • Make Boro Fabric with Paula Doyle

    Paula is on a mission to utilise left over scraps from her blue jeans ravioli quilts.
    She discusses the simple process of using Bondaweb and a foundation cloth to produce a heavy weight fabric. This enables you to secure the scraps of blue jeans before sewing.
    The triple stitch on your machine is...

  • How to Fold a Secret Pillow with Valerie Nesbitt

    You will learn how to do that quilt hides inside the cushion to become its’ padding.
    The cushion will also double up as a foot warmer when unfolded. These are great to make for all age groups, and can decorate your home, or live in the car.
    Want to know how to turn your quilt into a secret pillow...

  • How to Make a Cushion with an Oxford Flap with Anne Baxter

    In this workshop Anne shows us one of her favourite finishing techniques when she makes cushions – the Oxford Flap. You will see that it is really easy to do once you get the idea.
    Anne likes the idea of making all four borders the same length, to give interest and a twist to the design, and this...

  • Simple Cushion Edge with Valerie Nesbitt

    This is a quick and simple idea that adds a touch of elegance to an otherwise standard cushion.
    It has been extracted from the longer workshop with Valerie called Inner City where she works on the visual 3D effect created within the Hexagons. You can find this workshop by clicking here.
    If you li...

  • Add an Oxford Flap to Your Cushion with Valerie Nesbitt

    Give your cushion a different look with this Oxford Flap surround. Once you have mastered the basics you can think about variations such as that created by Jo at Villavin Crafts with her wavy edge.

    Click here for Workshop Notes
    Click here to learn more about Valerie Nesbi...

  • Twister Cushion from Sylvia Critcher

    This is a delightful workshop which covers English Quilting, Trapunto and Sylvia’s own version of French Boutis, or French style corded, work. These are all traditional stitching techniques, but Sylvia has brought them up-to-date. While traditionally worked in white, Sylvia has added colour. She ...

  • Cathedral Windows with Joanna Smith-Ryland

    Joanna loves to use silk for her patchwork as it comes in such vibrant colours and as you can see she makes delightful flowers on the cushion to create a garden effect (and if you haven’t seen her interview where she uses this as inspiration to print fabric – just click here).
    Joanna doesn’t have...

  • Dog Rose Trapunto Pincushion from Sylvia Critcher

    Sylvia talks us through all the stages of making this charming little pincushion. She points out that these steps apply to all her patterns and projects.
    She talks through the materials she likes to use. This includes needles, threads and she is obviously a rebel here using machine threads and me...

  • Create Your Own Celtic Design with Lynette Harris (the Stitch Witch)

    Simple and beautiful
    Simple is best and Lynette shows you how to create some really lovely celtic designs from a doodle, which can be turned into blocks for quilts, simple cushions, bags or even a clock!
    Great for children
    A brilliant workshop for children too as they can work out a simple doodle...

  • How to Make a Secret Pillow with Valerie Nesbitt

    You can use any project and turn it into a ‘Secret Cushion’ you just need to remember to make the ‘cushion’ part large enough.
    In this video Valerie turns her Beginners Sampler Quilt into a Secret Cushion. First she makes the cushion from the scraps or left overs of the quilt, then she attaches i...

  • Windmills With Jennie Rayment

    This traditional windmill star block uses the partial seam technique to give it that twisted look . Otherwise it has very traditional half square and quarter-square triangles, with rectangles and a square. So how difficult can it be!
    Jennie guides you through the cutting sequence; you will also b...

  • Tip from Anne Baxter about Your Sewing Stitches

    This simple idea from Anne will save you lots of heartache, particularly if you have spent a considerable time getting the stitch setting right, and most of us have machines that don’t remember once the power has been turned off.
    This has been extracted from a much longer workshop with Anne where...

  • Complete a Simple Cushion with Jennie Rayment

    A simple piece of fabric can complete the cushion.
    Follow Jennie’s instructions, stuff the pad in and then sew together with a ladder stitch.
    If you are not sure how to do this then click here.

    Click here to learn more about Jennie Rayment.

  • Woven Panel Cushion with Jennie Rayment

    In this comprehensive workshop Jennie talks you through how to create the padded strips. She suggests that this would be a wonderful opportunity to use some of the coloured threads in your stash. And you will experiment a little with some of the variety of stitches that most modern machines give....

  • Butterfly Cushion Workshop Using Marabu Paints with Vendulka Battais

    The butterfly cushions designs are a combination of simple quilting and painting with Marabu paints. In this delightful workshop Vendulka guides us through the stages of making the front design. Vendulka has two designs on offer. The first is a simple one that can be quilted with a straight stitc...

  • How to create stunning cushions from shirts with Valerie Nesbitt

    A great recycling idea
    Recycling is definitely good for the soul. Not only does it reduce waste BUT if the fabric has an emotional attachment it has so much more meaning.
    This is such a simple idea that makes the most of the shirt fronts. You could also think about using the cuffs in much the sam...