Cushions (textile art)

Cushions (textile art)

Everyone loves making cushions. Watch these videos to learn how to make a range of cushions.

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Cushions (textile art)
  • How to Insert a Zip Quickly and Easily with Gail Penberthy

    Gail shares with us her easy method of inserting a zip. You can do without even having to search out that special sewing machine foot that you know the machine came with!

    In this method you can also avoid having to work round the zipper head.

    Gail uses a modern nylon zip in this demonstrati...

  • How to Insert a Zip in a Cushion with Jennie Rayment

    Jennie shows you how to give all your cushions that professional finish with the addition of a zip. It is really easy when you know how.
    Jennie teaches a wide variety of classes for all levels and abilities of sewers. From patchworkers, quilters and embroiderers to fashion, soft furnishing and ho...

  • Drizzle Stitch with Lorna Bateman

    Lorna loves to create texture in her designs. This workshop shows how to do the drizzle stitch.

    Which she has used to have such a significant effect on her little pincushion and wallhanging with sheep.

    Click here to learn more about Lorna Bateman.
    Click here to watch a preview of this prem...

  • Caravans and Other Cushions with Gail Penberthy

    Summer wouldn’t be summer without a caravan or a visit to the beach.   Gail has incorporated these into a variety of cushions as well as other keepsakes for you to make.
    Gail uses raw edge applique and satin stitch to create the caravan cushion. There is a  great opportunity for you to add themed...

  • Transfer Painting with Mary Gamester

    Transfer painting using templates and bubblewrap
    In this workshop Mary shows you how to cut your snowflake template. She uses it both as a positive and a negative template. Also she uses bubble-wrap to great effect and shows just what a wonderful and varied effect can be created with these transf...

  • Butterfly Cushion Workshop Using Marabu Paints with Vendulka Battais

    The butterfly cushions designs are a combination of simple quilting and painting with Marabu paints. In this delightful workshop Vendulka guides us through the stages of making the front design. Vendulka has two designs on offer. The first is a simple one that can be quilted with a straight stitc...