Embroidery Tips and Techniques

Embroidery Tips and Techniques

It is always helpful to pick up Tips and Techniques. In this Collection of videos, we focus on select Tips and Techniques from Britain's finest tutors. These videos are shorter than our full-length workshop videos because they focus in on a select Tip and Technique.

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Embroidery Tips and Techniques
  • Praise for the Convertible Machine Foot from Dionne Swift

    In this discussion Dionne Swift tell us why she has converted too using this height adjustable machine foot.  Indeed she states that she wouldn't go back to a general Free Motion Foot.

    Developing the picture with Free Motion Machine embroidery leads to a build up of thread layers. Subsequently...

  • Colour Mixing Techniques When Painting With Threads with Dionne Swift

    Dionne talks about how to use shinny threads in your free motion embroidery. Basically using two different coloured threads together to produce a contrast to matt threads.

    She demonstrates treading the machine using two thread posts so the colours run through the machine together. Consequently...

  • Colour Mixing with Dionne Swift

    Dionne's drawings guide the colour combinations for her machine embroidery. But do not dictate the finished colours.

    Mixing several thread tones together she builds up the thread picture.  Combining different threads in the bobbin and top thread can lead to endless colour combinations. And if ...

  • Practice Makes Perfect with Dionne Swift

    Having an expert on hand when learning a new skill always helps.

    Dionne Swift discusses with Jayne Brogan and Valerie Nesbitt the importance of practicing a new skill. no one can try something new and be an expert first time.

    Machine embroidery takes practice. Setting the machine to the rig...

  • Stitching Your Design with Dionne Swift

    Dionne Swift shows how machine embroidery becomes second nature as you practice. The sound of the machine and the speed sewing are part of the pleasure of the piece. There is no wrong and no set outcome so blips don't matter.

    Watch how she enjoys the journey and the process of Free Motion Embr...

  • Together Like an Orchestra with Dionne Swift

    Dionne Swift discusses how she creates her Orchestra of threads, colours and machine.

    Explicitly mentioning the importance of the quality of threads.

    As the elements come together, these guide her work seeing the machine embroidery as a voyage of discovery.

    Additionally more tips are ava...

  • Broderie Perse, Machine Appliqué and Satin Stitch with Jennie Rayment

    The original form of patchwork is based on placing something over a hole or, in Jennie's case, a stain.

    Once again Jennie makes light work of this technique and shares with us how to set your machine to produce perfect satin stitch.
    More about Jennie Rayment
    This skinnyish, red-haired, sligh...

  • A Tip from Tanya Haynes when Working with Silk Ribbon

    The ribbons and threads are available from Bee Crafty where you can also find Tanya teaching some workshops. To find out more simply click.
    Tanya says about herself:
    I grew up in South Africa and have been stitching and knitting since childhood. However, it wasn’t until I moved to England that a ...

  • Ladder Stitch by Mandy Shaw

    Ladder stitch is just one of those simple stitches you will wonder how you ever managed without it. It gives invisible closure to so many projects including Mandy’s lovely vintage pinkeepers.

    Click here to learn more about Mandy Shaw.

  • Embroidery Stabilizer Tip from Jennie Rayment

    This little tip has been extracted from a longer workshop with Jennie making Textured Waiscosts, which as well as being a great workshop is full of useful tips, click here to enjoy.
    Since working on this film, we have discovered another stablizer called Terial Magic, which is a solution.


  • Introduction to Goldwork Embroidery with Kathleen Laurel Sage

    A comprehensive workshop from Kathleen where she introduces the goldwork series.

    Kathleen shows you how to create a delightful Bumblebee with texture in the body created from the purl and check wires, which she admits is a little fiddly, but very straightforward and worth taking a little time ...

  • Padded Leather Goldwork with Kathleen Laurel Sage

    If you enjoy slow stitching, then this is definitely the technique for you!

    Kathleen enjoys adding padded leather to her work as this adds another dimension which catches the light. She talks you through the type of leather that is best for this design, how to create the padded effect with fel...

  • Christmas Gingerbread Man from Kate Percival

    This is a very comprehensive workshop from Kate who takes us through all the steps necesary to create this lovely decoratio for the holiday season.
    You get to use up scraps of felt as well as the opportunity to use decorative bits and bobs, that we all think are too good to throw away!


  • Kantha Stitching with Angela Daymond

    Angela talks you through how to create this project. She likes to use woad dyed fabric, which she creates herself.

    In the workshop she talks about the styles of stitching, the regional differences, what threads she prefers, together with the relevant needles.

    Traditionally this work had no ...

  • Sashiko (Japanese Embroidery) with Jennie Rayment

    Sashiko stitches represent grains of rice.  Traditionally worked with white thread on blue fabric. Modern Sashiko now uses a variety of colours.
    It is basically a simple running stitch. The action of adding fabric to the needle is a little different from traditional English embroidery.
    Jennie sho...

  • Double Sided Cast On Embroidery Stitch with Lorna Bateman

    The double sided cast on stitch is particularly useful for creating a 3D effect in your embroidery. In this instance Lorna has used it to create the bullrush flower in her garden. Which could also be used to create a 3D caterpillar and/or foliage.
    Lorna talks you through the threads you can use, ...

  • Creating Embroidered Flower Stems with Lorna Bateman

    Lorna has designed and created a number of embroidery projects based on English Country Garden flowers. And now she has incorporated the techniques into her new book. This book will easily earn its place on your bookshelf. Plus it will definitely become a firm favourite for beginners and dedicate...

  • Stumpwork Embroidery Course with Kelley Aldridge - Part 2

    Stumpwork Embroidery Course – Part 2 of 3
    Having made the wire shapes, Kelley suggests that you might like to consider painting the inside of the shape. You can also add voile or organza. Kelley also talks about filling in the wire petal shape with long and short shading and cutting out the wire ...

  • Stumpwork Embroidery Course with Kelley Aldridge - Part 3

    Stumpwork Embroidery Course – Part 3 of 3
    In this final stage of the stumpwork course, Kelley shows how to attach the 3D petal to the work.
    You should now feel confident to enjoy and work on any stumpwork designs and kits you may come across.

    Click here to learn more about Kelley A...

  • Stumpwork Embroidery Course with Kelley Aldridge - Part 1

    Stumpwork Embroidery Course – Part 1 of 3
    This course reflects Kelley’s passion for stitching by hand – putting thread to needle and needle to fabric.
    Kelley takes the mystery out of how to do stumpwork with her easy step-by-step approach, which is perfect for those ready to try new hand embroide...

  • Free Motion Embroidery Flower with Jennie Rayment

    Thread flowers
    This delightful little flower, made by free motion sewing or called "sewing on-air". Jennie shows a great way to practice for that scary stuff called free motion quilting.
    More about Jennie Rayment
    'Nipping and Tucking', or manipulating fabric and surface roughness, is an obsess...

  • Learning about Contemporary Goldwork with Kathleen Laurel-Sage

    The ancient craft of goldwork embroidery continues to draw crowds of admirers, and Kathleen has found a way to create the same beautiful finished results in a fraction of time.

    In this interview we find out more about the goldwork techniques that Kathleen enjoys teaching. These include couchin...

  • All you need to Know about Bridging Stitches on your Machine

    Bridge stitching is a great way of alternating patterns by adding a stitch in between.
    In this video, Valerie and Jayne demonstrate how easy it is to programme in these additional stitches on the Janome Memory Craft 9450 QCP.
    Pay special attention at the start of this video for a wonderful projec...

  • Using Decorative Satin Stitches on your Sewing Machine

    Jayne Brogan and Valerie Nesbitt show you an exciting range of creative ideas using Decorative Satin stitches.
    You’ll learn how to elongate satin stitches (up to 5 times!) and how to combine different stitches automatically. They will also show you how to create embroidery effects.
    Jayne will the...