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  • Use A Backing Fabric to Help Colour Choice for Your Quilt with Claire Campion

    Falling in love with a patterned fabric can subsequently inspire the colour choices for your patchwork.

    Claire Campion discusses the process of choosing fabrics that specifically match the backing.

    It can be difficult to select coloured fabrics that work well together.

    By utilising a mul...

  • Diamonds and Chains Quilt with Valerie Nesbitt

    This comprehensive workshop uses simple tips and techniques that result in a stunning quilt.

    Valerie describes some of her favourite methods of constructing a block using half square triangles and four patches.

    Talking through a strip pieced method of making half square triangles using Than...

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    Your next amazing project starts here.
    We will inspire you with projects and helpful patterns. Learn from our easy to follow hints and tips from world class tutors and artists. And it’s all available to watch when it suits you
    Join with other quilters and textilers from the UK & around the world ...

  • Kantha Stitching with Angela Daymond

    Angela talks you through how to create this project. She likes to use woad dyed fabric, which she creates herself.

    In the workshop she talks about the styles of stitching, the regional differences, what threads she prefers, together with the relevant needles.

    Traditionally this work had no ...

  • Why A Walking Foot Is A Must Have with Claire Campion

    Claire Campion shows how A Walking Foot enhances your stitching. Designed to go in one direction this dual feed foot gives an even stitch, supporting multi layer sewing.

    The most used of any additional feet in your tool box. Claire explains how it is worth the investment if it doesn't come wit...

  • Folded Freezer Paper Foundation Piecing with Paula Doyle

    This is such a clever technique which allows you to work with the accuracy of foundation piecing, but without having any papers to remove at the end - so no mess; no distortion or tearing of stitches.

    Paula shows you how to create a Dino Track block with this technique which uses freezer paper...

  • Exercises to Improve Your Free Motion Sewing with Dionne Swift, Textile Artist.

    Muscle memory is the the key to developing your techniques for free motion sewing.

    Dionne Swift suggests sewing your signature as a practice piece, since this is a motion in your muscle memory.

    She outlines the importance of simplifying your piece by sketching a basic design on paper. Altho...

  • Rotary Cutting for Beginners with Sallieann Harrison

    Rotary cutting your fabric is a 'must have' skill for today's patchworker. You can cut several layers of fabric, accurately and quickly which means that your piecing is then accurate too. These tools have been designed with quilters in mind.

    Sallieann takes you through the various options on t...

  • More Tips on Knitting a Beret with Daphne Morris

    Inspired by a beret her goddaughter wears, Daphne has written this simple beret pattern.

    Knitted in a West Yorkshire Spinners illustrious double knit it produces a very light warm beret.  Firstly Daphne shows how when knitting in the round, stitch markers are essential. Secondly she demonstrat...

  • Why an Extension Table and a Wide Throat Machine is Essential by Claire Campion

    Having a wider throat machine means more space when quilting a quilt. The advantages of the larger throat come into play when quilting a bigger quilt. It enables the quilt to be easily fed through the machine.

    Combined with an extension table, the quilting area is more stable and easier to man...

  • See What's Coming up in September 2022

    September is back to school month  so our technique Thursday video is a  guide to Rotary Cutting from Sallieann Harrison – an essential skill for today’s quilt.  In this comprehensive workshop she covers the equipment you need and the how to use it safely.  This might be the beginning of your fir...

  • Colour Mixing Techniques When Painting With Threads with Dionne Swift

    Dionne talks about how to use shinny threads in your free motion embroidery. Basically using two different coloured threads together to produce a contrast to matt threads.

    She demonstrates treading the machine using two thread posts so the colours run through the machine together. Consequently...