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Featured videos from justhands-on.tv tend to be new releases and videos featuring popular topics.

  • Hand Embellishing/Needlefelting with Jennie & Valerie

    Simple and effective
    Jennie demonstrates how simple and easy it is to use this little hand gadget to produce some really super results.
    Embellish your wardrobe - one the children can do too
    Another one of those techniques that the children can do using scraps of wool/fabric/threads. It is also...

  • Jenny Haynes Unique Technique for Pressing Open Seams

    Pressing is a big thing for Jenny Haynes. So sharing her techniques to achieve flat seams for a precision quilt is a must.

    With tips for finger pressing to start. She demonstrates how to use an iron with a wool mat and a tailors clapper to press the seams open.

    This results in a flatter sea...

  • Hawaiian Appliqué Part 2 with Maggie Davies

    Part 2 is very much about unfolding and tacking the beautifully designed and cut fabric applique.

    Maggie explains how to unfold the motive fabric accurately, ensuring that the grain matches. She guides you through pinning and tacking. Paying special attention to the tacking (or basting) as thi...

  • Part 2. Cleaning Your Machine with Dionne Swift

    Dionne Swift continues her Sensational Sewing Seminar Series with a class in looking after your machine.

    Machine cleaning will improve the life span of a machine for a happier sewing experience.

    Broken threads and missed stitches are signs that your machine will need a clean.

    Dionne demo...

  • See What's Coming up in April 2024

    It’s April, as the days get longer, we have some great new videos for you to enjoy.
    This month sees Part 2 of our Maggie Davies series on Hawaiian Applique and in this episode Maggie is showing us how to lay out our symmetrical shape on the background fabric using fold marks as an accurate guide...

  • Confetti Applique Workshop with Linda Seward

    Linda Seward makes this quick and delightful little tree in real time to camera.

    This wonderful technique could inspire a forest for all seasons in this fun artistic project.

    The tree is drawn with Inktense pencils. Whilst Linda demonstrates how to use aloe vera gel to enhance the colours i...

  • An Introduction to the Sensational Sewing Seminar Series with Dionne Swift

    Getting the best possible experience from your sewing starts with your set up.

    Dionne Swift has developed The Sensational Sewing Seminar series to cover all the basics. From looking after you machine to how your posture supports your sewing.

    In each of the workshops she will cover a differe...

  • Welcome to Justhands-on.tv

    Your next amazing project starts here.
    We will inspire you with projects and helpful patterns. Learn from our easy to follow hints and tips from world class tutors and artists. And it’s all available to watch when it suits you
    Join with other quilters and textilers from the UK & around the world ...

  • Kintsugi Inspired Quilting with Anita Birtles

    Improv Quilting is one of Anita Birtles loves and inspiration can come from all arts and crafts.

    Utilising 10inch blocks and sashing, Anita shows how to build up the blocks to make a truly unique quilt.

    Taking Crumb squares demonstrated in another class. She makes random cuts before adding ...

  • Part 1. The Right Set Up with Dionne Swift

    Getting the best possible experience from your sewing starts with your set up.

    Dionne Swift has developed The Sensational Sewing Seminar series to cover all the basics.

    In part one Dionne looks at the set up for the sewing machine, table and chair.

    Getting the working surface right, usin...

  • Twin Needle Tip from Lynette Harris

    Lynette Harris better known as the Stitch Witch shares her expertise for sewing bias tape to a project.

    Talking about needle position and using the right foot. With tips for where to watch when sewing with a twin needle and bias tape.

    This quick and easy tip will save both time and effort a...

  • Crochet Baubles with Gaynor White

    Gaynor White has a Covered Bauble for every occasion. She shares with us how to crochet them in this comprehensive workshop.

    She expertly demonstrates making two circles, using a mixture of chains, trebles and half trebles. Introducing the treble spike stitch to produce a star effect on the ba...