Free Motion Quilting Series with Paula Doyle

Free Motion Quilting Series with Paula Doyle

Award-winning quilter Paula Doyle shows us several options of free motion filler stitches.

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Free Motion Quilting Series with Paula Doyle
  • Free Motion Machine Quilting Part 1 with Paula Doyle

    This is the first of three workshops with Paula and in this workshop the focus is on free-motion filler stitches.
    Paula starts off by talking us through her quilting sandwich, setting up the machine – reminding us which foot to use and helps us by using high contrast thread so that we can see wha...

  • Free Motion Quilting - Part 2 with Paula Doyle

    More useful filler stitches, this time following a pre-marked design. Paula shows you how to make these – such as mock cathedral window – and then how to create this with an interesting look at making it a continuous design.
    Paula often uses a pre-marked grid, and she guides you through how to ma...

  • Free Motion Quilting Tip from Paula Doyle

    This is an excellent tip from Paula which will help you make that smooth transition – because you have to stop sometimes!
    This tip has been extracted from a longer video on free motion quilting, which in turn is part of an excellent comprehensive series that Paula filmed with us.


  • Free Motion Quilting with Paula Doyle - part 3

    More helpful instructions from Paula this time on feathers and borders. You will notice throughout that Paula doesn’t get too anxious about being right on the drawn line, just make sure that you have a nice curve to your feather or vine.
    She has a really useful tip to help with vine border too, w...