FREE Tasters (Quilting)

FREE Tasters (Quilting)

Watch FREE to view Tasters for an idea of what you see in the full-length workshop.

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FREE Tasters (Quilting)
  • TASTER: Dahlia Quilt with Sue Thornborough

    Have fun choosing colours for this beautiful Dahlia quilt.

    Sue Thornborough demonstrates how to make a stunning quilt through this comprehensive workshop.

    Specifically using templates, accurate cutting and sewing.

    She consequently produces arcs that come together into sweeping curve of t...

  • TASTER: Scrap Crumb Squares with Anita Birtles

    Ever wondered what to do with all those fabric crumbs? Anita Birtles shows how to make a 10 inch block from all your off cuts.

    She talks through the process of sorting, sewing and using 10 inch crumb squares. An ideal thing to do when you just want to sew but don"t have a specific project.


  • TASTER: Turkey Tracks with Carolyn Forster

    Let's Talk about Turkey Tracks.

    Carolyn Forster uses templates to make a variety of blocks. That are subsequently pieced together to form the turkey track pattern.

    The templates include markings that guide the sewing together. Thus enabling the pieces to be hand or machine sewn.

    Carolyn ...

  • TASTER: Meet Sandi Lush

    Valerie Nesbitt interviews Sandi Lush amongst her wonderful quilt designs.

    Well known for her hand quilting and whole quilt designs. Sandi talks Valerie through her collection of knitting inspired quilts.

    Undoubtedly a superb set of quilts, using a large variety of fabric and stitches to pr...

  • TASTER: Surprising Silhouettes from Angela Madden

    Angela takes the art of paper cutting to a new level, and we all remember how simple and easy that was. This simple style of designing suits all ages. Even those of us who do not consider ourselves artistic, can create stunning and unique designs.

    Angela talks us through some of the ideas and ...

  • TASTER: 1930's Sunflower with Carolyn Forster

    Inspired by a 1930's antique quilt Carolyn Forster shows how she uses acrylic templates to replicate the quilt block.

    These templates are easy to use, enabling accurate cutting, essential when using unusual shaped pieces.

    The block is ideal for highlighting particular fabrics and the templa...

  • Taster: Peyton Quilt from Fat Quarter Baby Book with Valerie Nesbitt

    Valerie guides you through the process for making the block for this delightful quilt. It is simply constructed from 4 squares, with stitch'n'flip corners. It works very well with directional fabrics too. Producing a beautiful nine block quilt.

    Great for beginners too, as you don't have to wor...

  • TASTER: Contrarywise Cathedral Windows with Jennie Rayment

    This twist on the traditional Cathedral Windows block encourages us all to experiment with this technique.

    Jennie Rayment describes how altering the cathedral window square can produce an Octagon ideal for making table runners and decorations.

    Starting with a square Jennie shows a turned th...

  • TASTER: Till Roll Crumb Quilting with Anita Birtles

    Using scraps to create fabric strips for bindings, borders, edging and quilts is a favourite method for Anita Birtles. These are generally used in her bright and colourful quilts.

    Anita demonstrates how simple it is to sew strips to till roll paper using a short stitch. Building up a strip of ...

  • TASTER: Diamonds and Chains Quilt with Valerie Nesbitt

    This comprehensive workshop uses simple tips and techniques that result in a stunning quilt.

    Valerie describes some of her favourite methods of constructing a block using half square triangles and four patches.

    Talking through a strip pieced method of making half square triangles using Than...

  • TASTER: Split 9 Patch (Scrap) with Valerie Nesbitt

    Use Jelly Rolls or Scraps
    This traditional pattern stands the test of time and the small block with its diagonal split of colour can be sewn together in a wide variety of different settings.  It is very similar to the log cabin block which has a diagonal split of colour. The Barn Raising setting ...

  • TASTER: Free Motion Quilting - Part 2 with Paula Doyle

    More useful filler stitches, this time following a pre-marked design. Paula shows you how to make these – such as mock cathedral window – and then how to create this with an interesting look at making it a continuous design.
    Paula often uses a pre-marked grid, and she guides you through how to ma...

  • TASTER: Free Motion Machine Quilting Part 1 with Paula Doyle

    This is the first of three workshops with Paula and in this workshop the focus is on free-motion filler stitches.
    Paula starts off by talking us through her quilting sandwich, setting up the machine – reminding us which foot to use and helps us by using high contrast thread so that we can see wha...

  • TASTER: Superstar - Blazing Star Centre with Jennie Rayment

    Jennie shows Valerie how to create the Blazing Star (Lone Star) which will form the centre medallion of this quilt and is part 1 of the series.
    Modern patchwork using the rotary cutter in conjunction with your sewing machine creates this with a straightforward strip-piecing method and clever use ...

  • TASTER: The Night Sky Row of Jennie`s Stripy Stripey Story Quilt

    And we are off on our quilt adventure – row 1: sun/moon and stars on the night sky. Jennie shows you how to create these with the help of useful rotary cutting templates (which keep you safe and as well as accurate).
    You get information on how to measure your strips of fabric. She talks about sea...

  • TASTER: Flying Geese Row of Jennie`s Stripy Stripey Story Quilt

    In this row Jennie uses one fabric for the sky and then a variety for the geese and fast rotary cutting of the shapes allows you to get to the fun bit of sewing really quickly.
    Jennie talks up through the construction, the pressing, use of the thread-saver to help keep your patchwork neat as well...

  • TASTER: Sunset Strip Row of Jennie`s Stripy Stripey Story Quilt

    Seminole patchwork is simple strip sewing and then cutting at a funny angle to give you some interesting shapes; most rulers have the 60 degree on them, so using your existing equpment shouldn’t be a problem.
    Of course if you already have the 60 degree Diamond that is also an option.
    You do need ...

  • TASTER: Delectable Mountains Row of Jennie`s Stripy Stripey Story Quilt

    Delectable mountains made quickly and easily with the help of rotary cutting. The triangle ruler is an option since the unit to create is a half-square triangle (it does however give you accuracy right from the start) and Jennie says is saves you fabric in the long run!
    The mountains need to be m...

  • TASTER: Landlocked Lakes Row of Jennie`s Stripy Stripey Story Quilt

    Jennie reminds us that this quilt is Fat quarter friendly. So there are no excuses about not being able to use up your stash!
    Jennie uses the Companion Angle and the Tri-Recs set of rotary cutting templates. These allow you to cut out your fabric quickly, easily and accurately with the rotary cut...

  • TASTER: Deep Dark Forest Row of Jennie`s Stripy Stripey Story Quilt

    In this row Jennie uses a selection of fabrics for the trees and trunks – but again from Fat 1’4’s. This deep dark forest uses the Tri-Recs ruler which makes cutting fast and accurate. Jennie shows you how to cut one at a time, but you could use the rotary cutter to its potential by cutting lots ...

  • TASTER: Cosy Cottages Row of Jennie`s Stripy Stripey Story Quilt

    There are three of these to make and Jennie talks you through your options. She gives suggestions on how you might like to customize yours’ by adding curtains, roses and other stuff.
    She loves to use the Companion Angle rotary cutting template for a couple of reasons – mainly because it saves you...

  • TASTER: Snails Trail Row of Jennie`s Stripy Stripey Story Quilt

    We’ve called this row 8 but in fact it does form part of row 7 with the cosy cottages. As usual with Jennie, we get lots of options and design ideas (in the next workshop we will be giving you even more design ideas for the snails trail block).
    Simple to construct with a four patch centre, Jennie...

  • TASTER: Municipal Gardens Row of Jennie`s Stripy Stripey Story Quilt

    Jennie gets to create the gardens and path for this row. She takes the basic and classic Drunkard’s path pattern which could also be used as a clamshell. She shows you how easy it is to sew – just 5 pins to hold the curved shape into place.
    The acrylic rotary cutting template keeps your fingers s...

  • TASTER: Sandy Beach Row of Jennie`s Stripy Stripey Story Quilt

    This sandy beach does come with ice cream, but they will be coming later!
    In this row, Jennie shows how to use the EZ Quilting Long Hexagon template. You can link with a 60 degree triangle to create straight seams. The templates comes with flat noses, so you can be really accurate in your piecing...