FREE Tasters (Textile Art)

FREE Tasters (Textile Art)

Watch FREE to view Tasters for an idea of what you see in the full-length workshop.

FREE Tasters (Textile Art)
  • Taster: Part 2. Cleaning Your Machine with Dionne Swift

    Dionne Swift continues her Sensational Sewing Seminar Series with a class in looking after your machine.

    Machine cleaning will improve the life span of a machine for a happier sewing experience.

    Broken threads and missed stitches are signs that your machine will need a clean.

    Dionne demo...

  • Taster: Part 1. The Right Set Up with Dionne Swift

    Getting the best possible experience from your sewing starts with your set up.

    Dionne Swift has developed The Sensational Sewing Seminar series to cover all the basics.

    In part one Dionne looks at the set up for the sewing machine, table and chair.

    Getting the working surface right, usin...

  • TASTER: Creating Glitter Fabric with Vendulka Battais

    Using a mixture of Glitter, Metallic and Fashion Shimmer liner pens Vendulka Battais demonstrates the use of fabric paint pens.

    She gives tips on how to trial the pens on a fabric sample. Ensuring the colour and finish, before starting on your project.

    Once dried the paint effects come to l...

  • TASTER: Last Minute Gifts to Make with Craig Joubert

    In this workshop Craig reminds you how quickly and easily you can make things with the Marbling 4 fun paint and as it’s completely non-toxic it is very safe for all the family to use.
    You can create patterns on paper mache; polystyrene shapes; MDF pre-cut shapes work well and while you can paint ...

  • TASTER: Interview with Lesley Brankin

    Lesley Brankin is a freelance needlecraft designer. She lives and works in Malvern, Worcestershire, UK. During the last fourteen years she has built up a solid reputation for her innovative design work. In addition, she has published more than 200 designs of needlework and patchwork. From May 200...

  • Jennifer and Jennie Together

    This video clip was used as the taster for non-members. As well as it didn’t want you to miss out on all the plans for the future.

    Click here to learn more about Jennie Rayment.

  • TASTER: How to Marble a Large Piece of Fabric with Craig Joubert

    Craig Joubert from Marbling 4 Fun allows Valerie to design her own piece of fabric, but not on the scraps she bought to the studio, and we find out why, and how you can test whether or not fabric is suitable with a very simple test.
    Valerie selects a few of her favourite colours, to create her ve...

  • TASTER: Marbling Christmas Tree with Craig Joubert

    Craig shows us how to create this lovely Christmas tree shape with his marbling paints. Why not utilise some of the paper that might otherwise be popped in to the bin!

    This technique can also be used with more commercial stencils.  Craig demonstrates using one with a word on it. Resulting in a...

  • TASTER: How to Marble with Craig Joubert

    In this very comprehensive workshop Craig shows you how easy it is to marble. This can be applied to most surfaces – from fabric, to tiles, leather, wood, cork, paper and cotton canvas.
    He starts off by explaining what comes in the starter kit; the paint is non-messy, fast and permanent and is no...

  • TASTER: Lifted Star with Sylvia Critcher

    3D Folded Patchwork
    This is fun to make and creates a delightful 3D decoration or mat.
    Valerie has also made a circular potholder using a similar technique, which you can enjoy by clicking here.
    More about Sylvia Critcher
    Sylvia Critcher is a textile designer and tutor with over 35 years experien...

  • TASTER: Origami Hexagon with Jennie

    Come twiddle and fiddle with Jennie! It’s a hexagonal happening!
    Jennie Rayment
    The World’s only Twiddler, Fiddler, Nipper, Tucker, Manipulator and Manoeuvrer of material!
    She mainly works with simple calico (muslin). Noticeably, her elegant ideas and natty notions may be adapted for any type of ...

  • TASTER: Gelli Printing with Stencils from Jamie Malden

    Jamie contnues her short series with us on how to create wonderful and unique fabric which you can then use as the basis for your project. Here she uses stencils and recycled pieces of fabric (old sheeting).
    So how easy it is?
    Step 1: add paint to your gelli plate.
    Tip: don’t waste the paint that...

  • TASTER: Gelli Printing with Jamie Malden

    This strange piece of  wobbly stuff is proving to be amazingly versatile for those who enjoy textile art and best of all it is reuseable.
    Jamie shows you just how easy it is to create a marbled background piece of fabric which can then be overprinted with block printing. You can use up your old s...

  • TASTER: Gelli Printing Part 2 with Jamie Malden

    First, Jamie created wonderful piece of fabric and she prefers this to be pale. Then she takes a series of simple blocks to create this wonderful piece of work. What will you make?
    To obtain blocks, paints and gelli plates just visit her websiteby clicking here.
    If you missed Part 1 click here to...

  • TASTER: Beaded Christmas Decoration from Fran Rose

    This lovely decoration combines felt, wadding, buttons and lots os simple beading. There is a 3 bead edging, which Fran guides you through as well as how to fix the buttons in the centre together with their own added embellishment.
    More about Fran Rose
    Fran is the author of several beading books ...

  • TASTER: Terial Magic Spray with Issy Saulet

    Terial Magic – Fabric’s little helper!
    Isa Saulet loves this product which she feels has so far been ignored by the quilting public – so here’s your chance to learn more about it. Isa gives tips on how and why she best likes to use it for her applique. We will be learning more about her London Ca...

  • TASTER: Thames Valley Contemporary Textiles Exhibition - Worn Threads

    This has become a touring exhibition entitled ‘Worn Threads’ and we thank Marion Robertson for being our hostess and showing us around the exhibition.
    We start off with Marion’s own piece which was/is inspired by the handbag she used back in the 1960s when she attended a wedding (and there are pi...

  • TASTER: The Makers Studio with Dionne Swift, Textile Artist

    In this episode of The Makers Studio, we meet Dionne Swift. She is an author, tutor, and artist who exhibits internationally. She creates dynamic stitched textiles using a vibrant mix of threads, colours, and textures.  Discover more about Dionne, her motivations and her approach to projects.
    In ...

  • TASTER: Clear Vinyl Appliqué with Sallieann Harrison

    Sallieann discusses making her quilted cherry tub pattern with window flower appliqué, she uses a cut away method. Also, she demonstrates how to sew 1/4” bias strips to the edge of the viny. And talks about the importance of using tiny stitches and pivoting to create accurate curves. This tub is ...

  • TASTER: Butterfly Cushion Workshop Using Marabu Paints with Vendulka Battais

    The butterfly cushions designs are a combination of simple quilting and painting with Marabu paints. In this delightful workshop Vendulka guides us through the stages of making the front design. Vendulka has two designs on offer. The first is a simple one that can be quilted with a straight stitc...

  • TASTER: Redwork Hand Embroidery with Gail Penberthy

    In this comprehensive workshop Gail shares with you how to create a wide variety of projects using the simple embroidery backstitch and red stranded thread.

    Gail talks you through how to transfer the design onto your work; why she thinks backing the calico works well; the needles and thread sh...

  • TASTER: How to make a fabric lampshade with Tess Grace

    Tess Grace takes you through the various stages to create your own printed lampshade. It's lovely to create a personal design to compliment your room.

    Remember, you need to have the fabric applied to the PVC base before you start to print on it as this gives you a firmer, better end result. On...

  • TASTER: Acid Etching with Kate Crossley

    Kate shows us how she uses this interesting technique to create fascinating fabricKate shows us how she uses this interesting technique to create fascinating fabric, which she has used in both a quilt and in her wonderful clock.
    The devore paste is perfectly safe to use as it only starts reacting...

  • TASTER: Machine Applique with Gail Penberthy

    Gail loves machine applique and has developed a technique that saves her ending up with lots of threads to sew in.

    She suggests you work out the order that you need to apply the pieces. She uses the caravan as an example. First she puts the base on and then adds the little bit. Finally she end...