Interviews with Embroidery Artists

Interviews with Embroidery Artists

It is always great to find out more about your favourite artists. What they think about when coming up with designs. Their motivations. Helpful hints and tips. Watch these interviews for a special insight into the artist and their work.

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Interviews with Embroidery Artists
  • Meet Sallieann Harrison- Patchwork Tutor and Quilter

    Sallieann joins us in the studio and shows Valerie some of the work she likes to share as a tutor. She particularly loves wool applique with a blanket stitch, but has found that there are not enough hours in the day for her to work through all the patterns and projects by hand, so has perfected t...

  • Meet Carolyn Sinclair

    Jennie Rayment with Carolyn Sinclair look at some of her favourite projects and talk about how she made them.
    So, you will hear how Carolyn made silk fibre objects with the help of a microwave, buttons with the help of computerised embroidery software on her machine, lights out of cat food pouche...

  • Meet Jo Bostock from the Embroiderer`s Guild

    Embroidered Rainbow Squares made from regions all over the UK
    These lovely squares arranged in Rainbow strips have been made by members of the Guild and you can see that they represent a whole range of designs, abilities and colour.
    More about the Embroiderers Guild
    The UK’s leading crafts associ...

  • How to Use Shisha Mirrors with Jamie Malden

    These little pieces of mirror come in a wide range of shapes and sizes and add a little bit of light and glamour to your work.
    Jamie shows how you can start off with the shape as inspiration for your embroidery, which can then evolve with more stitching. The work doesn’t have to remain traditiona...

  • Meet Alison Garner of Vision Textiles

    All clergy stoles and preaching scarves are made to individual order by Alison using a mixture of hand embroidery, applique and machine embroidery.
    She has 6 ranges with over 100 beautiful designs comprising a mixture of traditional and contemporary images.
    Our premium ranges span 4 liturgical co...

  • Interview with Lorna Bateman

    Lorna has lived in the UK for ten years. She was originally from South Africa and is now happily working as a teacher and designer. Lorna loves all forms of 3-dimensional, raised, and textured embroidery. She tries to encompass as many of them in her designs as possible!

    Click he...

  • More about the Magna Carta Quilt with Alison Garner

    These quilts, which will be 40ft long x 7ft high in total, and double sided were made to celebrate the 800 years since the signing of Magna Carta. There is 4 Medieval and 4 Contemporary Quilts, and  you can learn about the inspiration and some of the how-we-did- it from Paula Doyle, Alison Garner...

  • Magna Carta Quilt 2015

    These quilts will be 40ft long x 7ft high in total, and double sided. There will be 4 Medieval and 4 Contemporary Quilts, and you can learn about the inspiration and some of the how-we-did- it from Paula Doyle, Alison Garner and the other ladies of the Magna Carta Quilt Association.
    You can learn...

  • Learning about Contemporary Goldwork with Kathleen Laurel-Sage

    The ancient craft of goldwork embroidery continues to draw crowds of admirers, and Kathleen has found a way to create the same beautiful finished results in a fraction of time.

    In this interview we find out more about the goldwork techniques that Kathleen enjoys teaching. These include couchin...

  • Meet Kate Barlow, Embroidery Tutor

    We will be enjoying some workshops with and from Kate soon, so keep watching.

    This is what Kate has to say about herself:

    I grew up in North Wales and originally studied costume at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama in Cardiff. I was graduating in 2001 with a BA Hons ...

  • A Little Bit of Love in Every Stitch - by Jacquie Harvey

    This interview took place at the National Patchwork Championships 2010 held at the Sandown Racecourse. Jacquie won three rosettes for her Christening gown. Best in Show, Best Wearable Art, and Best Handquilting.
    Jacquie is available for teaching assignments and can be found at https://www.jacquie...

  • Meet Kate Percival - Quilter and Hand Stitcher

    Kate shares with us her love of handstitchin: buttonhole stitch, chain stitch, running stitch, feather stitch are all her favourites and she combines them with varigated thread to create wonderful results in her quilts.
    She also shares with us her patchwork journey on several of the projects – pr...

  • Interview with Lesley Brankin

    Lesley Brankin is a freelance needlecraft designer. She lives and works in Malvern, Worcestershire, UK. During the last fourteen years she has built up a solid reputation for her innovative design work. In addition, she has published more than 200 designs of needlework and patchwork. From May 200...