Jelly Rolls and Precuts

Jelly Rolls and Precuts

Watch these videos for inspiration with using Jelly Rolls and Precuts..

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Jelly Rolls and Precuts
  • Bargello Workshop from Sue Thornborough

    In this workshop, Sue Thornborough shows us how to make a Bargello Quilt.

    Sue takes us through all the stages of making this quilt, step-by-step. Making the strip set. Creating your fabric chart. Pressing the seam allowances (up and down!).  Sewing the strips together into a tube. Cross cuttin...

  • Last Minute Baby Quilt from Anita Birtles

    Anita Birtles quick and simple strip baby quilt uses till roll crumbs and raw edge applique to stunning effect.

    Using left over Jelly Roll strips, Till roll crumbs and crumb squares this strip quilt can be completed quickly.

    There are tips for keeping the strips straight, adding in till rol...

  • How to use Precuts with Janet Clare

    The smaller pre-cut sets come in packs of 5″ squares – called charm packs. Moda also produce some packs of 2.5in squares and tempting to purchase, we all often wonder how we can use these.  Well Janet has designed some patterns for you that do just that. There is a great project bag that uses the...

  • Crazy Patchwork with Valerie Nesbitt

    In this video workshop, Valerie uses up 5 Fat 1/4m’s. Still, yards would do too and uses the rotary cutter to its best – cutting through several layers of fabric simultaneously – just what it was designed for. Each piece is then precisely the same size as the other. Once you have made all the blo...

  • Tilting Squares Patchwork with Valerie Nesbitt

    Valerie demonstrates a great way to use up ready-to-sew 5″ square pre-cuts. The background element gives the tilt effect.
    She uses a rotary cutter,  ruler, and a template to cut the background pieces. Separating the background into left and right pieces enable the squares to tilt in opposite dire...

  • World Map with Janet Clare

    A wonderfully simple idea from Janet Clare to create a world map. This uses a layer cake of her own design from Moda fabrics, but you could use your stash.
    The map is created with fused applique. With fabric created from random strips to give a scrappy look to each of the land masses.
    Her pattern...

  • Jelly Roll Strip Quilt with Sarah Soward

    The pattern for this quilt is available as a download for free, so you can make a start immediately! Just click here.
    Sarah Soward was a winner in the Jelly Roll Challenge, a competition opened to entrants from around the World – congratulations! Her winning quilt is also featured in the 2012 Qui...

  • Liberty Emporium Chain Quilt with Valerie Nesbitt

    For those who don’t like rotary cutting, then the use of pre-cuts is great. It also gives you the chance to perhaps use a selection of fabrics that you might not otherwise buy, and leaves you with virtually no waste.
    This quilt was designed to use 5″ squares cut from a 10″ layer cake. This gave e...

  • Geometry Quilt with Valerie Nesbitt

    Valerie guides you through the simple constuction of this quilt which uses pre-cut 5″ squares (or you could cut down a layer cake that has been begging to be used!).  Some of those 5″ squares are then sub-cut either into more smaller squares or simple rectangles.
    Once these have been sewn togethe...

  • Bed of Roses Quilt with Valerie Nesbitt

    This is another easy stack and cut and sew quilt, perfect for 10" layer cakes or cut from your stash. Valerie guides you through the simple cutting and then sewing, which works no matter what your seam allowance. This makes it particularly good for beginners.

    The quilt will look good in any co...

  • Peyton Quilt from Fat Quarter Baby Book with Valerie Nesbitt

    Valerie guides you through the process for making the block for the delightful Peyton quilt. It is simply constructed from 4 squares, with stitch'n'flip corners. It works very well with directional fabrics too. Producing a beautiful nine block quilt.

    Great for beginners too, as you don't have ...

  • Delilah Quilt with Valerie Nesbitt

    This small quilt has been designed to use 5" charm squares and a couple of fat 1/'4s to add contrast and zing.

    You can add two simple borders on to that. Valerie suggests a standard double border. She also has you considering adding flat piping. This would give a contrast of colour without add...

  • Scrap Jelly Roll Patchwork with Valerie Nesbitt

    The simple patchwork block is made with units that are 2.5" x 6.5. So it's perfect to cut from a jelly roll. Then you create the angles with simple stitch-n-flip. It's perfect for beginners and accomplished sewers alike.

    Valerie takes you through the process of creating the small block which u...

  • Pineapple Patchwork with Valerie Nesbitt

    This block doesn’t look a bit like the pineapple you might buy in the supermarket but remains a traditional favourite for those who like to use up scraps.
    Valerie shares with you this lovely new acrylic ruler which allows you to stay safe when using the rotary cutter, and keeps the block perfectl...

  • Strip Roll Bargello Cushion with Valerie Nesbitt

    The Bargello pattern with its mesmerizing optical illusion of graceful movement, waves and curves, has been a firm favourite over the years. Now you can create these delightful quilts from pre-cut jelly rolls.

    Karin has put together a collection of different projects, using different colours a...

  • Modern Quarter Log Cabin Patchwork with Valerie Nesbitt

    In this workshop Valerie adds simple sashing strips to the log cabin style construction of this block. This gives it a very modern look and the on-point setting gives it additional appeal.

    In this log cabin block, what would traditionally be the centre of the block is now at one corner. The co...

  • The Hashtag Quilt with Valerie Nesbitt

    This modern block is made from strips, squares and rectangles, using the stitch'n'flip method for the corners. You could make each block a different colour, so it could easily come from your jelly roll or stash.

    Great for youngsters.

    Also, there are workshop notes for subscribed members.

  • Jelly Roll Rug Making with Valerie Nesbitt

    This is a fun way of using up scraps and wadding and useful too. Valerie guides you through some of the things to think about when making this rug, which is actually very straightforward. But you do need the purple needles for your machine to avoid it skipping stitches.

    The rug is constructed ...