Navajo Blanket Quilt Series with Anne Baxter

Navajo Blanket Quilt Series with Anne Baxter

Make this stunning Navajo Blanket Quilt in 7 easy tutorials. It's more like a blanket than a traditional quilt and draws inspiration from the Navajo and Seminole tribes of North America. As you can see, it’s a lot like a sampler quilt with a large central element and designs at the edges. There are 7 different workshops for this quilt. All taught by Anne Baxter, award winning quilter and designer of this quilt, in that clear, comprehensive style that we all love. Each workshop focuses on blocks that make up sections within the quilt. Subscribers get access to FREE workshop notes with each workshop.

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Navajo Blanket Quilt Series with Anne Baxter
  • Promo Film for Navajo Blanket Quilt designed by Anne Baxter

    Anne talks through the various elements/stages/sections of this delightful quilt. The plan is for the various sections to be uploaded onto the site in segments. Like this, you can create your own version of this quilt. And learn some interesting techniques along the way.
    You could think of this i...

  • Navajo Blanket Quilt - Castle Wall Border with Anne Baxter

    You are on the final band of this lovely blanket quilt and again you only need to create one.

    Anne guides you through the sewing sequence. She reminds us to be careful about the direction of your sewing when strip piecing and talks us through the seam pressing, so that you get a good flat resu...

  • Navajo Blanket Quilt - Seminole Band with Anne Baxter

    Anne talks you through how to create this band quickly and accurately through strip piecing. This is so much easier than cutting lots of small squares!

    Then you need to cut the different strip sets into segments to create 6 units.

    Also, Anne reminds that you need to keep the band symetrical...

  • Navajo Blanket Quilt - Zig Zag Band with Anne Baxter

    You can use your favourite method to create these units. Just make sure they are the right size - 2" finished units are needed so the 2" Thangles that Valerie loves would work too. Also, Anne shows technique how use a large rectangle of each fabric, onto which you draw a grid. This in turn allows...

  • Navajo Blanket Quilt - Quarter Square Triangle Units with Anne Baxter

    This quarter square triangle technique is quick and easy to do on the sewing machine. It does require you to sew an accurate 1/4" seam though.

    Anne has teamed the units up with some plain squares, and then added a fudge factor, don't we just love that!
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  • Navajo Blanket Quilt - Chevron Bands with Anne Baxter

    To made these bands you need to use strips of each of the coloured fabrics, which are then strip pieced. Cut on the 45 degree angle with mirror images.

    Anne helps you with the 45 degree angle. In addition, she has a great tip about remembering to check that angle every few cuts, just to keep i...

  • Navajo Blanket Quilt - Centre Medallion with Anne Baxter

    The construction of this stunning block called Thunder and Lightening, is similar to that of delectable mountains - which is also a favourite with Anne and Valerie.

    Although, construction is straightforward, but Anne reminds you to keep an eye on the pieces and to be systematic.

    Once you ha...

  • Navajo Blanket Quilt - Final Part with Anne Baxter

    Anne takes you through this final stage where all those borders and bands come together. But you don't have to be a slave to her design.  Depending on your own use of colour, this is an opportunity to even out the colours in your quilt.

    She suggests you think about the dividing bands and shows...