Quilting Tips and Techniques

Quilting Tips and Techniques

It is always helpful to pick up Tips and Techniques. In this Collection of videos, we focus on select Tips and Techniques from Britain's finest tutors. These videos are shorter than our full-length workshop videos because they focus in on a select Tip and Technique.

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Quilting Tips and Techniques
  • Diamonds and Chains Quilt with Valerie Nesbitt

    This comprehensive workshop uses simple tips and techniques that result in a stunning quilt.

    Valerie describes some of her favourite methods of constructing a block using half square triangles and four patches.

    Talking through a strip pieced method of making half square triangles using Than...

  • How To Use Acrylic Templates with Carolyn Forster

    In this comprehensive workshop Carolyn describes the advantages of the acrylic template.

    The templates are transparent with seam markings and allowances. Basically simplifying the process of fussy cutting when placing your fabric.

    Using the acrylic template to cut odd sized and shaped patch...

  • Quarter Square Triangles with Precision by Valerie Nesbitt

    Valerie uses these units as scrappy sashing in her own Fruity Friends quilt.

    With the help of a rotary cutter and a sewing machine, these units are quick and easy to create. Moreover, without any templates and can produce a lovely scrappy sashing.

    To enjoy the cushion workshop - click here....

  • Kitty with Valerie Nesbitt

    Valerie talks to you about various elements of this quilt, which has been designed around the use of picture panels.

    Judith then created a centre pieced block, and again Valerie gives you some tips on how to create this accurately.

    Then we move on to the checkerboard border and the outer Dr...

  • Quarter Square Triangles with Jennie Rayment

    Acrylic rotary cutting templates are truly excellent. They allow us to cut multiple layers fast and accurately. While different manufacturers claim the rulers do the same job, they are not necessarily interchangeable so you need to pay attention. Some patterns are very specific about which manufa...

  • How to Use Iron-On Bias Tape with The Stitch Witch

    This pre-fused tape is so very easy to use with the help of a small iron.

    Lynette guides you through how to trace off the pattern onto either light or dark fabrics, and then how to cope with the corners.  As the tape is made on the bias, it can be manipulated round corners beautifully.


  • Using a Quilting Guide Bar with Claire Campion

    A quilting bar is a handy addition to a walking foot. It allows you to sew wider lines in your quilting.

    Claire reminds us to look at the guide bar as it follows the lines for accurate quilting.

    An ideal tool to support crosshatching with the bonus of only having to draw the first line.


  • Half Square Triangle Leaders and Enders with Valerie Nesbitt

    Valerie loves a thread saver and is always thinking of efficient ways to use the scraps from her blocks.

    So what do we do with those tiny half square triangles left over from stitch and flip blocks?

    Basically make tiny blocks that once squared up produce a new quilt resource.

    She suggest...

  • Why you Should Use Flat Headed Pins with Valerie Nesbitt

    Sometimes it is necessary to create a paper cutting template – particularly if you don’t have the specialised acrylic rotary cutting ruler. But you need to keep yourself safe when using rotary equipment. You can do that by using flat headed, flower pins.
    They don’t distort the surface and you can...

  • Basics of the Walking Foot with Claire Campion

    Claire Campion describes how the walking foot supports quilting as a result of its dual feed aspect. This foot simply replaces the standard foot on your machine to give an even feed.
    In the video she explains the how the walking foot feeds the fabric through the machine evenly, significantly redu...

  • How to use Precuts with Janet Clare

    The smaller pre-cut sets come in packs of 5″ squares – called charm packs. Moda also produce some packs of 2.5in squares and tempting to purchase, we all often wonder how we can use these.  Well Janet has designed some patterns for you that do just that. There is a great project bag that uses the...

  • Chris Porter`s Design Wall

    More about Christine Porter
    Christine teaches, lectures and judges throughout Britain and the United States in addition to many professional engagements in other countries. Also she is a qualified and experienced teacher well known for her professional, well-illustrated, stylish, and humorous lec...

  • Rag Edge Bag, Quilt and Cushion with Valerie Nesbitt

    Rag quilts have exposed seam allowances on their fronts and finished traditional seams on their backs.

    Whether you are making the bag, cushion, or quilt, you can use small squares of fabric, add scraps of wadding and work both sides of the project at the same time. So when you are done no laye...

  • Fast and Accurate Half-Square Triangle Units

    A Basic Patchwork Skill
    Half square triangle units are used in so very many blocks and, as always, accuracy helps.
    In this video, Valerie shows you how to make these basic units accurately.
    With this option of cutting larger squares, sewing across and then triming back, you end up with exactly th...

  • Use of the Angles on Your Ruler with Jennie Rayment

    There are usually several lines drawn at different angles on your ordinary rotary cutting ruler. These lines can be used to make cuts at the designated angle. Here 3 strips - 3" wide are layered and then cut at 60° forming diamonds. Three diamonds can be sewn together to make a Tumbling Block or ...

  • Reverse Imaging

    This is such a simple idea, but works every time.

    You can either have fabrics right sides together or wrong sides together.

    Don't feel confined to the braid quilts. This idea works any shape, any size.

    Click here to learn more about Jennie Rayment.

  • Shadow Applique Flower Girl with Lynette Harris

    Lynette’s lovely little flower girl make a great introduction to this very appealing form of applique that has no raw edges to turn under.
    Exclusively for Justhands-on.tv Lynette’s little kits come complete with voile, so you don’t have to worry about that. You can find our website by clicking he...

  • Twin Needle Tip from Lynette Harris

    Use the twin needle on your sewing machine
    This little gem was gleaned from a longer workshop that Lynette did for us. She used fusible iron-on bias tape to create fast stained glass patterns, which can be found in the shopping section of the site.
    More about Lynette – The Stitch Witch
    Lynette ha...

  • New Rotary Turntable Mat and Rulers

    Rotary turntable cutting mat for Patchwork
    Valerie doesn’t often purchase new tools. She likes the comfort factor of the familiar, but these two products do make her life easier.
    The rotary turntable keeps you safe. It allows you to move the fabric into position easily and safely but without pick...

  • Origami Hexagon with Jennie

    Come twiddle and fiddle with Jennie! It’s a hexagonal happening!
    Jennie Rayment
    The World’s only Twiddler, Fiddler, Nipper, Tucker, Manipulator and Manoeuvrer of material!
    She mainly works with simple calico (muslin). Noticeably, her elegant ideas and natty notions may be adapted for any type of ...

  • How to Create a Hexagon Shape with Jennie Rayment

    Drawing a Hexagon Patchwork Template
    This excellent tip comes from the longer video that we recorded early. To check it simply visit our site.
    And how many of you noticed that Jennie goes ‘upstairs’ to her kitchen!

    Click here to learn more about Jennie Rayment.

  • Flying Geese the Traditional Way with Chris Porter

    Flying Geese Patchwork – great for scrap patchwork and quilt borders
    Always useful to know how to create these flying geese patchwork units. It is possible working with rectangles and square. If your starting point are 2 1/2″ strips as supplied in jelly rolls and their equivalents it will be perf...

  • Thread Saver with Valerie Nesbitt

    My good friend, Jennie gave me this thread saver tip many moons ago and I LOVE IT!
    As a result, my machine is always happy and at the right sewing level. It never unthreads, and I don’t have lots of hairy bits of thread to cut off. As well as they do not come through onto the right side of my wor...

  • How to Make Chenille Fabric with Valerie Nesbitt

    Chenille fabric is made and not bought. Once you have made it obvious it can be sewn up into any number of items – garments, bags, cushions, knick-knacks. The list is endless.
    While using stunning fabric works well, it is also a way of using up some ‘dogs’ from the cupboard that maybe you now loo...