Scrap Quilt Ideas

Scrap Quilt Ideas

It is time to raid your scrap stash or use up the layer cake you just fell in love with at the show and hadn’t yet found a use for. Watch this Collection for workshops that will inspire you with scrap quilt ideas.

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Scrap Quilt Ideas
  • Till Roll Crumb Quilting with Anita Birtles

    Using scraps to create fabric strips for bindings, borders, edging and quilts is a favourite method for Anita Birtles. These are generally used in her bright and colourful quilts.

    Anita demonstrates how simple it is to sew strips to till roll paper using a short stitch. Building up a strip of ...

  • 40 Minute Scrap Quilt with Valerie Nesbitt

    Have fun and make a scrap quilt in 40 minutes. Here's how:

    Raid your scrap stash. This can be colour sorted or just anything that goes together. Then cut it all into 2 ½” wide strips, any length will do.

    Valerie used cotton fabrics, but anything would do, just remember that different fabric...

  • Orphan Patchwork Block Bags with Anita Birtles

    Valerie introduces us to Anita Birtles as she demonstrates what to do with left over blocks. These bags make ideal gifts for friends that they will use time and time again.

    The Orphan block bag is an ideal project for a beginner patchwork quilter because it gives the chance to practice many te...

  • 4 Patch Diamond Scrap Quilt with Valerie Nesbitt

    This quilt is made entirely using fabrics from the stash but is also particularly good for busting your scrap pile.

    Valerie shows us a beautiful quilt made from a basic four patch and stitch and flip squares. In addition the size of the quilt is flexible, dependant on the size of the four patc...

  • Half Square Triangle Leaders and Enders with Valerie Nesbitt

    Valerie loves a thread saver and is always thinking of efficient ways to use the scraps from her blocks.

    So what do we do with those tiny half square triangles left over from stitch and flip blocks?

    Basically make tiny blocks that once squared up produce a new quilt resource.

    She suggest...

  • Something Blue Quilt with Valerie Nesbitt

    This very simple block design consists of squares and half -square triangles. Using a variety of colours creates interest to the pattern.
    Valerie talks you through how to sew the half-square triangles. She also shows you how different the block can look with different colour centres to it.   You ...

  • Crazy Patchwork

    Who doesn’t love a Crazy Patchwork project to use up your stash of scraps and threads.
    In this video, Jayne Brogan and Valerie Nesbitt use programmed stitches from the quilting section of the sewing machine to add a decorative touch to Crazy Patchwork. They find that the size of the pieces inspir...

  • Heritage Crazy Patchwork & Precious Pockets

    Looking at beautiful projects is a wonderful way to get your imagination going.
    In this video, Valerie and Jayne share a few of their favourite projects where decorative stitches and heritage fabrics have been used together to create great inspirational pieces.
    You’ll love the Precious Pockets id...

  • Crazy Patchwork Tip from Valerie Nesbitt

    Valerie used the paper templates, which she created in her previous workshop, but this time uses them individually, which enables her to use up even more scraps from your stash. By using flat headed pins she is still able to use the rotary cutter and ruler, keeping her fingers safe, and back in h...

  • Crazy Patchwork with Valerie Nesbitt

    In this video workshop, Valerie uses up 5 Fat 1/4m’s. Still, yards would do too and uses the rotary cutter to its best – cutting through several layers of fabric simultaneously – just what it was designed for. Each piece is then precisely the same size as the other. Once you have made all the blo...

  • Scrap Braid Quilts with Valerie Nesbitt

    Scrap braid quilts are so very versatile and a great way to use up a wide variety of scraps.
    For scraps you can coordinate leftovers from another project or use just a wide variety of colours from your stash. Anything goes! This is also a great charity quilt and a great way to have a group put a ...

  • Make a Snowball Patchwork Block with Valerie Nesbitt

    Snowball Patchwork Block
    This versatile block is great for beginners. It works well on its own as well as with a variety of others. The 9-patch block is a common favourite as it also works well with a wide variety of fabric options and colourways, including scrap.
    Stitch ‘n Flip patchwork techniq...

  • Strips & Strings with Carolyn Forster

    Strips & Strings scrap patchwork quilt
    This delightful workshop about a great scrap quilt called Japanese Stars & Lanterns, and it similar to antique quilts which were made with strips or strings. This patchwork can be done by hand or by machine. It is great for beginners too, because there is no...

  • Tricks with Triangles with Valerie Nesbitt

    Triangles are one of the bedrock elements of quilt design. We are very fortunate that with the help of the sewing machine and modern cutting equipment,  there are various ways of achieving these perfectly, quickly and easily. In this workshop Valerie has grouped several of these methods together ...

  • Wildflowers with Janet Clare

    Janets design for this little quilt, combines strip pieced Irish chain patchwork with her love of our native wildflowers.  She uses simple tracing, ironing, cutting out, and ironing again to create fused applique.
    The book contains full size templates for all the flowers. With additional drawings...

  • World Map with Janet Clare

    A wonderfully simple idea from Janet Clare to create a world map. This uses a layer cake of her own design from Moda fabrics, but you could use your stash.
    The map is created with fused applique. With fabric created from random strips to give a scrappy look to each of the land masses.
    Her pattern...

  • Up Hill and Down Dale Quilt with Janet Clare

    This is a lovely modern version of the more traditional pattern Delectable Mountains. Janet has worked out a way to create this simply and easily by using your pre-cut layer cake.  If you don’t have those , then you can raid your stash and just cut lots of 10″ squares to start you off.
    Janet show...

  • Liberty Emporium Chain Quilt with Valerie Nesbitt

    For those who don’t like rotary cutting, then the use of pre-cuts is great. It also gives you the chance to perhaps use a selection of fabrics that you might not otherwise buy, and leaves you with virtually no waste.
    This quilt was designed to use 5″ squares cut from a 10″ layer cake. This gave e...

  • Small 4-Block Sampler Quilt Pieced by Hand by Paula Doyle - Part 4

    To finish the quilt you just need to add sashing and cornerstones. For this you make templates in the same way as before.
    Paula also moves on to give you inspiration by showing you other quilts. She suggests you might like to try making more than one block of the same pattern. You will create an ...

  • Small 4-Block Sampler Quilt Pieced by Hand with Paula Doyle - Part 3

    Robbing Peter to pay Paul is the name of this traditional little block. Is made up rather like a four-patch, but the colour combinations swap over – hence it’s name.  You will I am sure recognise that a single unit it also known as Drunkard’s Path.
    Paula shows you how to use the two templates tha...

  • Small 4-Block Sampler Quilt Pieced by Hand by Paula Doyle - Part 2

    Two more small blocks from Paula, for which you do need to make templates.
    The Tilted Square block uses a half rectangle templates and a partial seaming technique.  You will always use the template for the half-rectangle in the same direction – NOT mirror imaged. And then Paula shows us how the p...

  • More Going Crazy with Angela Daymond and Paula Doyle

    Angela and Paula continue to share with us their varied approach to producing this classic favourite.  Both enjoy using different threads and stitches. Angela explains (and shows) how the different thicknesses of thread make a difference. You can use  some of these on the sewing machine, others m...

  • Going Crazy with Angela Daymond and Paula Doyle

    Crazy patchwork continues to appeal. Angela and Paula show that you can take different approaches to achieve a similar end result.
    By sewing the pieces onto the foundation fabric by hand, with a simple running stitch, it remains very portable;  Angela suggests using up old tray cloths or lace wit...

  • Yo-Yo Garland with Valerie Nesbitt

    Valerie shows you how easy these little circular shapes are to make. They are a great way of using up scraps or pre-cut squares.
    The stitching is a simple running stitch, which is easy for any age, and if you like gadgets, there is one of those too!
    While the sample is in Christmas colours, the g...