Textile Art Tips and Techniques

Textile Art Tips and Techniques

It is always helpful to pick up Tips and Techniques. In this Collection of videos, we focus on select Tips and Techniques from Britain's finest tutors. These videos are shorter than our full-length workshop videos because they focus in on a select Tip and Technique.

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Textile Art Tips and Techniques
  • How to Use Up Your Practice Pieces with Tess Grace

    In this short workshop, Tess Grace from the Arty Crafty Place describes a great way to use up your practice pieces printed and not waste them.

    Tess always uses cotton fabric to practice her block printing on but can't see them go to waste. In this tip she suggests cutting them out to use on ca...

  • Paint Saving Tip from Tess Grace

    In this short workshop, Tess Grace from the Arty Crafty Place demonstrates what to do with your excess paint once you have finished printing.

    Given that you don't want to waste any of your beautiful paints. Tess shows us a simple method of putting the paint back into the pot for use in future ...

  • Set Your Machine for Free Motion Embroidery with Dionne Swift, Textile Artist.

    Dionne shows how simple steps in setting up the machine, supports Free Motion Embroidery.

    She explains the importance of dropping the feed dogs enabling free movement of the project. Using a Free Motion quilting foot to hold the fabric steady.

    The addition of the purple tip needle to suppor...

  • Picking Threads with Dionne Swift, Textile Artist

    Dionne Swift discusses where to start with threads. Gathering together thread with a diversity of colours, thicknesses and sheen starts the audition process.
    Matching the threads to your artwork enables a unique perspective to each project.
    She explains how thicker thread used in the bobbin leads...

  • How to Marble with Craig Joubert

    In this very comprehensive workshop Craig shows you how easy it is to marble. This can be applied to most surfaces – from fabric, to tiles, leather, wood, cork, paper and cotton canvas.
    He starts off by explaining what comes in the starter kit; the paint is non-messy, fast and permanent and is no...

  • Broderie Perse, Machine Appliqué and Satin Stitch with Jennie Rayment

    The original form of patchwork is based on placing something over a hole or, in Jennie's case, a stain.

    Once again Jennie makes light work of this technique and shares with us how to set your machine to produce perfect satin stitch.
    More about Jennie Rayment
    This skinnyish, red-haired, sligh...

  • Origami Hexagon with Jennie

    Come twiddle and fiddle with Jennie! It’s a hexagonal happening!
    Jennie Rayment
    The World’s only Twiddler, Fiddler, Nipper, Tucker, Manipulator and Manoeuvrer of material!
    She mainly works with simple calico (muslin). Noticeably, her elegant ideas and natty notions may be adapted for any type of ...

  • How to Make Chenille Fabric with Valerie Nesbitt

    Chenille fabric is made and not bought. Once you have made it obvious it can be sewn up into any number of items – garments, bags, cushions, knick-knacks. The list is endless.
    While using stunning fabric works well, it is also a way of using up some ‘dogs’ from the cupboard that maybe you now loo...

  • How to Insert a Zip in a Cushion with Jennie Rayment

    Jennie shows you how to give all your cushions that professional finish with the addition of a zip. It is really easy when you know how.
    Jennie teaches a wide variety of classes for all levels and abilities of sewers. From patchworkers, quilters and embroiderers to fashion, soft furnishing and ho...

  • How to Make a Suffolk Puff (or Yo-Yo) with Jennie Rayment

    Suffolk puffs are often used to decorate quilts and other textile projects. They are wonderful, simple and create a great 3D effect. Also they are a perfect use of fabric scraps. The ideas of how you can use them will impress you.
    This has been taken from a longer video on how to make a Yo-Yo Cat...

  • Hand Embellishing/Needlefelting with Jennie & Valerie

    Simple and effective
    Jennie demonstrates how simple and easy it is to use this little hand gadget to produce some really super results.
    Embellish your wardrobe – one the children can do too
    Another one of those techniques that the children can do using scraps of wool/fabric/threads. It is also a ...

  • Terial Magic Spray with Issy Saulet

    Terial Magic – Fabric’s little helper!
    Isa Saulet loves this product which she feels has so far been ignored by the quilting public – so here’s your chance to learn more about it. Isa gives tips on how and why she best likes to use it for her applique. We will be learning more about her London Ca...

  • Making Wet Felt with Gillian Harris

    Gillian Harris is the queen of felting, and in this workshop she shows how easy it is to make some wet felt, which can be used in projects of your choice, we will go on to use the green to make holly leaves in another workshop.
    The art of making wet felt is a little patience. You need to pay atte...

  • Rotary Cutting Angles Using EZ Rulers with Jennie Rayment

    The angles on the rulers allow you to cut 45 degree and 60 degree.  Why are these useful?  Well, the 45 degree gives you a perfect angle for cutting bias strips and also triangles from strips. The 60 degree also gives you the possibility of cutting a triangle and indeed diamonds from strips.
    So t...

  • How to Use the E-Z Leftie Rightie Ruler with Valerie

    Valerie shows you how this square up ruler works – both for right handed and left handed cutting. Not all rotary equipment does that, so these squares (and they come in two sizes) are a really clever and thoughtful design. Rulers are available through us in the shop.
    Squaring up your patchwork is...

  • Thread Painting Portraits with Paula Doyle

    Paula has been closely involved in the designing and making of the Magna Carta quilts and in this workshop she shares with us how she (and her quilting friends) drew with thread the portraits to hand on the Oaktree Legacy quilts.
    There were/are 20 leaves on each tree and the portraits are of thos...

  • Monoprinting with Angela Daymond

    This little workshop has been extracted from a longer piece that Angela did for us creating a textile bird picture from newsprint and magazines. However, we thought this piece stands on it’s own and you can see how easy it is to create a unique piece of fabric on your table top, utilising items t...

  • Making Braids with Helen Deighan

    Helen Deighan’s book on braiding is packed with new ideas for using the wonderful Kumihimo tools – including adding beads as you braid!
    An experienced author and teacher, Helen again uses her skills to explain the techniques in a non-technical, easy-to-follow way. Her enthusiasm for this craft sh...

  • Making Japanese Braids with Helen Deighan

    In Helen Deighan's book, there are a lot of ideas for using the wonderful Kumihimo tools, including adding beads as you braid.

    An experienced author and teacher, Helen uses her skills to explain the techniques in a non-technical, easy to follow way. Her enthusiasm for this craft shines through...

  • Twisted Thread Tassels with Gina Ferrari

    Gina has an interest in all aspects of textile art but her passion lies with machine embroidery.

    You can see more of her work on show in the Evolve Evoke Expand exhibition videos: click here for part 1 and here for part 2.

    Also, check out her work on her blog https://www.ginaferrari.blogspo...

  • Block Printing Demo from Coloricious

    Printing blocks used in Patchwork
    We caught up with the girls from Colouricious at the recent National Patchwork Championships at Sandown Park. Esher and Jamie show us how to create your unique fabrics with this age-old block printing technique. It’s easy and fun to do. The printing blocks featur...

  • Meet Linda Seward and the Ultimate Guide to Art Quilting

    When information meets inspiration: this book will more than earn it’s place on your bookshelf for years to come. Great for both beginners and those with some textile expertize.
    Linda shares with us some of the content of her latest book, which took several years in the making, but you can’t help...

  • Safely Snipping from Fran Rose

    Short but sweet. Fran helps you keep safe when making beaded items.
    This is has been extracted from the longer complete workshop on the Beaded Kilt pin. You can enjoy the full workshop as a subscribed member by clicking here.

    Click here to learn more about Fran Rose.