We have lots of embroidery designs and ideas to inspire you. Learn from Britain's finest tutors on how ot master the basic hand embroidery techniques through to more advanced embroidery such as painting with threads with free motion machine embroidery,

  • Practice Makes Perfect with Dionne Swift

    Having an expert on hand when learning a new skill always helps.

    Dionne Swift discusses with Jayne Brogan and Valerie Nesbitt the importance of practicing a new skill. no one can try something new and be an expert first time.

    Machine embroidery takes practice. Setting the machine to the rig...

  • Stitching Your Design with Dionne Swift

    Dionne Swift shows how machine embroidery becomes second nature as you practice. The sound of the machine and the speed sewing are part of the pleasure of the piece. There is no wrong and no set outcome so blips don't matter.

    Watch how she enjoys the journey and the process of Free Motion Embr...

  • FREE Tasters (Embroidery)

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    Watch FREE to view Tasters for an idea of what you see in the full-length workshop.

  • Colour Mixing with Dionne Swift

    Dionne's drawings guide the colour combinations for her machine embroidery. But do not dictate the finished colours.

    Mixing several thread tones together she builds up the thread picture.  Combining different threads in the bobbin and top thread can lead to endless colour combinations. And if ...

  • #IDidntLikeToAsk Series with Valerie Nesbitt and Jayne Brogan

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  • Goldwork series with Kathleen Laurel Sage

    4 items

    The ancient craft of Goldwork embroidery continues to draw crowds of admirers. But for some, it is a little too time consuming...a little too precise. Kathleen created shortcuts that provide the same high quality results in a fraction of the time,

    In this series, Kathleen shares her unique Gold...

  • Embroidery Tips and Techniques

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    It is always helpful to pick up Tips and Techniques. In this Collection of videos, we focus on select Tips and Techniques from Britain's finest tutors. These videos are shorter than our full-length workshop videos because they focus in on a select Tip and Technique.

  • Stumpwork Embroidery Course with Kelley Aldridge

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    Kelley takes the mystery out of how to do stumpwork with her easy step-by-step approach.

  • Appliqué
    24 items


    24 items

    Applique is used to decorate a project with pieces of fabric to form pictures or patterns. In this Collection, you will find a wide range of projects where applique is used - - from naive applique on cushions to adding dimension with machine applique stitches. Where will your imagination take you?

  • Embellishing

    50 items

    Add personality to your projects with embellishing. Almost anything can be used as embellishment: buttons, beads, threads, charms, lace, tassels, dimensional fabric, ribbon, trimmings, creative hand stitching, and sentimental items. Watch these videos to learn new embellishing techniques, then tr...

  • The Makers Studio Series

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    Each episode of The Makers Studio features one of the UK’s leading textile artists who will walk us through how to make their specialist project. The format includes an in-depth tutorial, discussion between the Artist and host covering a range of topics from their creative motivations to personal...

  • Interviews with Embroidery Artists

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    It is always great to find out more about your favourite artists. What they think about when coming up with designs. Their motivations. Helpful hints and tips. Watch these interviews for a special insight into the artist and their work.

  • Out and About

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    Join us for tours of amazing shows & exhibitions as well as initimate visits to local shops..

  • Sashiko Stitch with the Stitch Witch

    Sashiko stitching is a very traditional stitch and is a form of Japanese quilting; traditional made with Indigo (dark blue) fabric and white Sashiko thread, which is approx the same thickness as a Perle 8 non-standed thread.
    Modern quilters have chosen to use other colours, and Lynette shows us a...

  • Together Like an Orchestra with Dionne Swift

    Dionne Swift discusses how she creates her Orchestra of threads, colours and machine.

    Explicitly mentioning the importance of the quality of threads.

    As the elements come together, these guide her work seeing the machine embroidery as a voyage of discovery.

    Additionally more tips are ava...

  • The Makers Studio with Dionne Swift, Textile Artist

    In this episode of The Makers Studio, we meet Dionne Swift. She is an artist, tutor, and author who exhibits internationally. She creates dynamic stitched textiles using a vibrant mix of threads, colours, and textures.  Discover more about Dionne, her motivations and her approach to projects.
    In ...

  • Turkey Work Embroidery Stitch with Lorna Bateman

    Lorna’s book, Embroidered Country Garden, is available in the justhands-on.tv shop. It has many wonderful ideas and patterns to inspire you to create beautiful hand-stitched floral designs inspired by nature.
    In this video, Lorna demonstrates the turkey work stitch, or tufting, which creates a de...

  • Introduction to Goldwork Embroidery with Kathleen Laurel Sage

    A comprehensive workshop from Kathleen where she introduces the goldwork series.

    Kathleen shows you how to create a delightful Bumblebee with texture in the body created from the purl and check wires, which she admits is a little fiddly, but very straightforward and worth taking a little time ...

  • Colour Mixing Techniques When Painting With Threads with Dionne Swift

    Dionne talks about how to use shinny threads in your free motion embroidery. Basically using two different coloured threads together to produce a contrast to matt threads.

    She demonstrates treading the machine using two thread posts so the colours run through the machine together. Consequently...

  • Fabric Embellishment with Kate Barlow

    Kate loves to use pre-printed fabric designs as her inspiration for her embroidery skills and left over threads.

    This is a great idea for those just beginning embroidery. Indeed, some of the fabrics have a cross stitch design printed.

    In this lovely workshop Kate shares how you can enhance ...

  • Herringbone Stitch Embroidery Workshop with Niamh Wimperis

    This stitch is created in a sort of zig-zag fashion and Niamh says it is one that doesn't look like much, until you get going with it. She really likes to use it to create leaves in her embroidery.

    Niamh also has other stitching workshops from the same sampler.
    Click here to learn about Satin...

  • Doll House Panel with Janet Clare

    Freya, Felicity, Fion and their little dog Fred (who have already been the subject of books with Janet) are the best of friends and now have a delightful house that they can share.  There are sections of the house that you can embellish – such as the rug;  there are curtains on the windows and th...

  • Automatic Machine Embroidery Sashiko Style

    Do you need a separate embroidery machine?
    In this video, Jayne and Valerie demonstrate how to make the beautiful Sashiko style stitch on a Janome embroidery machine.
    Hoop it up, sort the design, press the button and away you go. The machine embroiders on its own so you can carry on working at yo...

  • Whitework Eyelet Embroidery Technique with Kate Barlow

    Kate has worked this element of whitework on 32count linen, using cotton a broder or perle threads. Kate creates the hole using a stylo, this means that no threads are cut, thus keeping your work really strong.

    These eyelet designs were often used on garments where both sides of the work would...