Want to learn how to make a quilt? You’re in the right place. Learn from Britain's finest tutors about quilting techniques for beginners through to more advanced patterns. Find ideas for your next patchwork quilt design.

  • Dahlia Quilt with Sue Thornborough

    Have fun choosing colours for this beautiful Dahlia quilt.

    Sue Thornborough demonstrates how to make a stunning quilt through this comprehensive workshop.

    Specifically using templates, accurate cutting and sewing.

    She consequently produces arcs that come together into sweeping curve of t...

  • FREE Tasters (Quilting)

    520 items

    Watch FREE to view Tasters for an idea of what you see in the full-length workshop.

  • Scrap Quilt Ideas

    28 items

    It is time to raid your scrap stash or use up the layer cake you just fell in love with at the show and hadn’t yet found a use for. Watch this Collection for workshops that will inspire you with scrap quilt ideas.

  • Scrap Crumb Squares with Anita Birtles

    Ever wondered what to do with all those fabric crumbs? Anita Birtles shows how to make a 10 inch block from all your off cuts.

    She talks through the process of sorting, sewing and using 10 inch crumb squares. An ideal thing to do when you just want to sew but don"t have a specific project.


  • Cushions (quilting)

    37 items

    Everyone loves making cushions. Watch these videos to learn how to make a range of cushions.

  • American Hand Piecing Series with Paula Doyle

    5 items

    American hand patchwork piecing is not done over papers but sewn together with a simple running stitch, so it is very easy to create blocks of patchwork. And by because it is sewn by hand it means that it is very portable. In this series, Paula shows us a few of her hand-made quilts and explains ...

  • Superstar Medallion Quilt Series with Jennie Rayment

    8 items

    This stunning quilt (Designed by Jennie Rayment) starts with a Medallion Centre of Lone Star.

  • Quilting Tips and Techniques

    185 items

    It is always helpful to pick up Tips and Techniques. In this Collection of videos, we focus on select Tips and Techniques from Britain's finest tutors. These videos are shorter than our full-length workshop videos because they focus in on a select Tip and Technique.

  • Bags, Bags, Bags

    22 items

    In this Collection, you will learn how to make all sorts of bags. Reversable bags. Bags made from recycled fabrics, Superfast bags. Square dance bags. Tote bags. Japanese bags. Tulip Tree bags.Sling bags. Halloween Goody bags. You can never have too many bags!

  • English Paper Piecing

    17 items

    Learn English Paper Piecing from Britain's finest tutors.

  • Christmas Quilting Ideas

    43 items

    Enjoy Christmas every day of the year with this inspiring range of Christmas projects ideas. From Christmas decorations to festive tree skirts, you'll find ideas that you will love making.

  • Template and Ruler Demonstration Series with Jennie Rayment

    37 items

    Jennie teaches us how to use a range of templates and rulers.

  • Jelly Rolls and Precuts

    16 items

    Watch these videos for inspiration with using Jelly Rolls and Precuts..

  • Appliqué
    22 items


    22 items

    Applique is used to decorate a project with pieces of fabric to form pictures or patterns. In this Collection, you will find a wide range of projects where applique is used - - from naive applique on cushions to adding dimension with machine applique stitches. Where will your imagination take you?

  • Modern
    13 items


    13 items

    Get inspired by these Modern Quilting designs.

  • Embellishing

    50 items

    Add personality to your projects with embellishing. Almost anything can be used as embellishment: buttons, beads, threads, charms, lace, tassels, dimensional fabric, ribbon, trimmings, creative hand stitching, and sentimental items. Watch these videos to learn new embellishing techniques, then tr...

  • Home Decor (Quilting)

    18 items

    Learn how to make these stunning home decor projects.

  • Fun Projects for Children

    30 items

    Projects that you can make with children and for children.

  • #IDidntLikeToAsk Series with Valerie Nesbitt and Jayne Brogan

    30 items

  • Beginners Patchwork Sampler Quilt Series with Sallieann Harrison

    10 items

    Sallieann takes you through all the steps you need to create this delightful quilt, designed by her and remade for us using Forest Fruits colour pack from Oakshott fabrics. During the series of workshops you will learn how to rotary cut safely; machine piece accurately with 1/4″ seam allowance; ...

  • Block of the Month

    53 items

    Get inspired by these Block of the Month ideas.

  • Quilting Equipment

    67 items

    Hints and Tips from Britain's finest tutors on how to use your equipment.

  • Dyeing and Painting

    26 items

    Learn how to dye and paint fabric from the experts.

  • Your First Sampler Quilt Series with Valerie Nesbitt

    14 items

    Valerie guides you through everything you need to know to make a Sampler Quilt from choosing and cutting fabrics to constructing blocks and then on to the final quilting and binding. The Sampler Quilt in this series has 9 blocks. For those of you who already have a good level of skill and are up ...