Textile Art

Textile Art

Get crafty with our hub of textile art ideas. Find everything you need to learn how to make craft projects such as fabric dyeing, fabric painting, felting, block printing and more. With help from Britain’s finest tutors, it’s easy for beginners and experienced crafters.

Textile Art
  • FREE Tasters (Textile Art)

    165 items

    Watch FREE to view Tasters for an idea of what you see in the full-length workshop.

  • Textile Art Equipment

    25 items

    Hints and Tips from Britain's finest tutors on how to use your equipment.

  • Textile Art Tips and Techniques

    24 items

    It is always helpful to pick up Tips and Techniques. In this Collection of videos, we focus on select Tips and Techniques from Britain's finest tutors. These videos are shorter than our full-length workshop videos because they focus in on a select Tip and Technique.

  • Creating Glitter Fabric with Vendulka Battais

    Vendulka Battais demonstrates how to use a mixture of Glitter, Metallic, and Fashion Shimmer liner to create Glitter Fabric.

    She gives tips on how to trial the pens on a fabric sample. Ensuring the colour and finish, before starting on your project.

    Once dried the paint effects come to life...

  • Dyeing and Painting

    26 items

    Learn how to dye and paint fabric from the experts.

  • Cushions (textile art)

    6 items

    Everyone loves making cushions. Watch these videos to learn how to make a range of cushions.

  • Home Decor (Textile Art)

    19 items

    Learn how to make these stunning home decor projects.

  • Christmas Ideas

    27 items

    Enjoy Christmas every day of the year with this inspiring range of Christmas projects ideas. From Christmas decorations to festive bunting, you'll find ideas that you will love making.

  • Embellishing

    50 items

    Add personality to your projects with embellishing. Almost anything can be used as embellishment: buttons, beads, threads, charms, lace, tassels, dimensional fabric, ribbon, trimmings, creative hand stitching, and sentimental items. Watch these videos to learn new embellishing techniques, then tr...

  • Scrap Textile Art Ideas

    10 items

    It's time to raid your scrap stash. Threre is something deeply satisfying about making a beautiful project from your scraps. In this Collection, you'll find a number of workshops that will inspire you to do just that - - from pinweaving to adorable baskets and bags.

  • Block Printing

    15 items

    Block printing is a wonderful craft, and one that is easy to enjoy whether you are a beginner or expert. In this Collection, you'll find workshops that cover a wide range of block printing styles and materials - - from fabric to clay. You will learn how to make gorgeous lampsshades, tote bags, c...

  • Block Printing for Beginners Series with Tess Grace

    7 items

    Tess is passionate about block printing. In this series of workshops, she guides you through the equipment that is used and how to get the best results out of it. You will learn how to print onto both fabric and card using water based inks. You'll learn how to use different dibbers to create a tw...

  • Template and Ruler Demonstration Series with Jennie Rayment

    37 items

    Jennie teaches us how to use a range of templates and rulers.

  • Gelli Printing Series with Jamie Malden

    7 items

    Learn how to Gelli Print with textile art expert, Jamie Malden.

  • #IDidntLikeToAsk Series with Valerie Nesbitt and Jayne Brogan

    30 items

  • Fun Projects for Children

    30 items

    Projects that you can make with children and for children.

  • Interviews with Textile Art Artists

    33 items

    It is always great to find out more about your favourite artists. What they think about when coming up with designs. Their motivations. Helpful hints and tips. Watch these interviews for a special insight into the artist and their work.

  • Appliqué
    22 items


    22 items

    Applique is used to decorate a project with pieces of fabric to form pictures or patterns. In this Collection, you will find a wide range of projects where applique is used - - from naive applique on cushions to adding dimension with machine applique stitches. Where will your imagination take you?

  • Bags, Bags, Bags

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    In this Collection, you will learn how to make all sorts of bags. Reversable bags. Bags made from recycled fabrics, Superfast bags. Square dance bags. Tote bags. Japanese bags. Tulip Tree bags.Sling bags. Halloween Goody bags. You can never have too many bags!

  • Hawaiian Applique Series with Maggie Davies

    3 items

    Learn how to make the Hawaiian Applique technique with Maggie Davies.

  • Out and About

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    Join us for tours of amazing shows & exhibitions as well as initimate visits to local shops..

  • Butterfly Cushion Workshop Using Marabu Paints with Vendulka Battais

    The butterfly cushions designs are a combination of simple quilting and painting with Marabu paints. In this delightful workshop Vendulka guides us through the stages of making the front design. Vendulka has two designs on offer. The first is a simple one that can be quilted with a straight stitc...

  • Broderie Perse, Machine Appliqué and Satin Stitch with Jennie Rayment

    The original form of patchwork is based on placing something over a hole or, in Jennie's case, a stain.

    Once again Jennie makes light work of this technique and shares with us how to set your machine to produce perfect satin stitch.
    More about Jennie Rayment
    This skinnyish, red-haired, sligh...

  • Terial Magic Spray with Issy Saulet

    Terial Magic – Fabric’s little helper!
    Isa Saulet loves this product which she feels has so far been ignored by the quilting public – so here’s your chance to learn more about it. Isa gives tips on how and why she best likes to use it for her applique. We will be learning more about her London Ca...